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How to cook steamed fish

The steam cooking is a technique much beloved in the kitchen and highly recommended by nutritional experts as the food cooked in this way, in addition to being leaner, retain almost unchanged the nutritional facts of the food, with a minimal loss of vitamins and minerals. From steam they are particularly suitable for foods that are delicate, such as fish and shellfish, vegetables and poultry ( remember, in the case of meat and fish to make a marinade prior).The steam cooking does not provide for direct contact between the food and the water, the first, in fact, is resting on a base, perforated, and under it there is the boiling water. It has the advantage of being very quick and you can cook multiple foods at the same time. Today, we see in particular how to cook steamed fish:
To cook the steamed fish you need the right tools, that is, a cook-electric steam, a pressure cooker, bamboo basket, or a simple pot on which you place a colander metal, and a clean cloth.
Any tool you choose to cook in the steam, know that the schema is always the same, or you’ll have to put the fish that you have chosen on the perforated base and let the steam the steam cooks, it is also possible to cook several foods simultaneously, taking care to put the food cooks more slowly in more direct contact with the steam, then stacking them in the hand, the other foods that require less cooking, more distant from the direct steam. With regard to the cooking of the fish, we always recommend a marinade of the same. A’ the emulsion of extra-virgin d’ olive oil, lemon juice, salt, pete and preparation of spices for fish will be perfect. Brush your fish and leave to marinate before cooking for at least a’ time. If you want to give to your dishes a unique aroma and perfume, then you’ll have to add to the water used to produce the vapor flavors and/or spices.


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