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how to clean stains from tearing of the dog

You may have noticed that although we take care of your dog and you clean often, it may happen that around the eyes the developments of stains of brown colour, the fruit of an excess of watery.These spots can be caused by various reasons, such as, for example, some health problems, the shape of the eyes, ingrown eyelashes, tear ducts blocked, a’infection because it’to the ear, or by allergies related to food or to something in their environment. Dogs with pale fur are more prone to this discomfort, and of course, the dark stripes are more obvious on them. And they’ s important to take care of these spots, as your pet can develop a’infection since those areas are always moist, and then fertile environment for germs, bacteria, and yeasts. We will then how to clean stains from tearing of the dog:

many times it is the bad power supply cause the stains from the tears. Then seek the advice of a veterinarian and evaluated the change in diet and however opt for a high-quality food and a diet free of wheat. A diet of cereals does not provide benefits for the long-term health for your dog. In addition, such a diet can cause allergic reactions, resulting in excess tearing and other problems. It is also necessary to pay attention to all’ water pet, make sure it is always fresh and of good quality. Also, keep in mind that the plates ceramic or plastic tend to become unsanitary after repeated use. Always use stainless steel or glass cups for your pets and make sure to wash them with soap and water occasionally. Regularly rinse the eyes with a eye drops for dogs, recommended by your veterinarian. Moisten a cotton swab with the eye drops and gently rub under and around the eyes. The hair around the eyes of your dog may cause irritation of eyes, leading to increased production of tears and subsequent patches, then cut them occasionally.


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