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how to clean a carpet delicate

A beautiful carpet is certainly useful if not indispensable to give the house a touch of personality and elegance. Depending on the décor and style that we have decided to give to our house, you can choose the type of rug that suits you, choosing among an infinite range of models, which range from classic Persian rugs to the most modern and avant-garde. To have carpets in the home however also has some disadvantages, in fact, they are full of microbes and germs, especially if we can not wash them often. Let’s try to understand together, then, for the purposes of protecting the beauty, but also for the healthiness, how to clean a carpet and delicate:

If you want to keep always to the best of your carpets, the first thing that it is suggested to do is periodically submitting them to a dry cleaning, whether it is modern rugs, or washing with water only in the case of antique rugs or Persian. To clean the carpets weekly will instead be enough to brush them after having passed the vacuum cleaner, you can whisk but not appendeteli ever, but, at best, lay them on a flat surface, turning on both sides. In the same way, do not shake ever the carpet with the intent to clean it, because doing so may cause damage to the plot, while if your goal is to bring back the old shine colors, then to clean the carpets you have to use the tea leaves wrapped in cloth, or wash it with a mixture of 3 parts of ammonia and one of water. If the stains are superficial simply brush the carpet with a normal detergent; careful though, if the stains were caused by food or beverages before cleansing is essential to eliminate all residues and then proceed to the real cleanup. During cleaning, remember to put a paper towel on the back of the carpet in perfect correspondence of the same spot, try to treat the stained area gently and not rub too vigorously. In the case in which to clean carpets been using a compound, “chemical”, then it is a good idea to test the detergent on a small portion of the carpet to make sure that there are no side effects. Once you have removed the stain swabbed always the treated part and let it dry thoroughly the carpet before using it again. If your carpet is delicate, then wipe it with natural solutions such as baking soda, sodium together with white vinegar, really proves effective in the fight against any type of stain; it is enough to spread the baking soda on the stain you want to eliminate, pour in a second when the vinegar, let the mixture acting on then dab with a cloth and let it dry. If the stains are particularly large, then spread only the baking soda, let sit for about 30 minutes and remove the residues with a vacuum cleaner.


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