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how to clean a bed container

Convenient and space-saving beds with storage are a wonderful invention. However, they have a flaw, they are difficult to clean, both inside and under.

the first thing before cleaning, you need to pay attention to the model you purchased, some have the removable panels, but the panels are raised but not detached from the bed structure and, finally, still others have a single fixed panel.

In the first case, just remove the clothes, the blankets and empty the container, to be able to extract all of the panels. The fact this will be easy both to clean the floor that the panels themselves.

In the second and in the third case it may be necessary to use all’vacuum cleaner or clothes electrostatic to remove dust because it’interior. To clean under instead, if in a case, just lift the panel and clean, in the’so you will need to move the bed or if they are sufficiently high to make use of the tools is very thin and easy to handle to go on the floor as a rag, damp cloth.

Whatever the case, and the solution, it will never be an action that is easy to repeat all the days for this reason, it is recommended that you pack under vacuum or not, or place into containers are very well sealed and the clothes put in the dresser.

another important tip is to proceed to the cleaning according to quest’order and using these products:

first of all, emptied and sprinkle each envelope or container; then wipe off any residual dust with a vacuum cleaner or a cloth electrostatic; dip a cloth in water and vinegar and rub it carefully over the entire surface (this operation can be used to disinfect thoroughly and in a natural way); rinse; wipe the cloth with soap of Marseille, as well as thoroughly clean will leave the container for a fresh scent of laundry just washed. Rinse carefully and wait until the surfaces are well dry before you refill the container with your things. If it remains moist, it may form mold or release a bad smell that impregnerebbe your clothes.

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