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How to choose what to do in life

it rarely Happens, much more than you think, that people are born with a clear idea of what they will do in life. Much more often you make it obvious propensities, limits and capabilities when it is very small but, what you will do in life is a matter to be so far away for both us and our parents, that we give you weight.

When it grows, instead, is a whole other story. What you wanted to be small, and is camouflaged with all the fears, negative experiences, the routine of life that we often catch more than it should. You seem then to not have passions and aspirations, or having too many, or worse still not to carry them out. It is impossible to tell if they are truly unattainable, but we can however give you advice to put order inside yourself and shed light on what to do in life.

Instead of thinking about the crisis, the unemployment and to pursue training courses, master and different, focus for a moment on what up to this moment has made you feel satisfied with the sacrifices and the effort you made. Do not be afraid to admit the truth to yourself. Not necessarily the thing that has made you feel better is the one in which you have achieved the best result or the most prestigious. There are people who have advanced degrees of prestigious Universities and important with excellent results, some of which also had work by managers and directors, but then they discovered that they preferred to do other things, work more simple, less unpaid, but that gave more meaning to their lives. Try to put aside the expectations of parents, husbands, hammers, friends and relatives and try to imagine your future. Five years from now, how will you see? With of children? Without? In a beautiful house with garden or in a mini-apartment in the centre of the city in total chaos? In a jacket and tie/ suits and heels and spiked or in jaens and boots? The answer to all these questions will help you understand what you really want and working to achieve it. Good luck….

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