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how to choose snacks

L’appetite is both a psychological phenomenon than a physical. When we see a dish that looks good or smells good, it stimulates a physiological response is involuntary in the body. Having a healthy appetite is natural, but knowing how to check can be problematic. People may have an increased dell’ s appetite due to an unhealthy lifestyle, sudden change d’mood, depression, boredom, stress, l’anxiety and various emotional factors. In addition, some conditions such as premenstrual syndrome, bulimia, l’hyperthyroidism, l’ hypoglycemia, diabetes, and pregnancy can increase your appetite dramatically. Whether you are looking to stay in good health, lose weight or simply want to change your eating habits, it is important to maintain l’ appetite under control. There are many strategies to help suppress l’appetite, how to avoid refined carbohydrates and drink plenty of water. But above all it is essential to make snacks, mid-morning and mid-afternoon, to get to the main meals too hungry. Clearly have to avoid food too rich and caloric. Let’s discover together in detail, then, how to choose snacks:

flour d’oats contains a lot of fibre (soluble and insoluble), and helps to increase cholecystokinin in the body, or, l’ hormone that regulates the l’ appetite. Also, the flour d’oats are a carbohydrate with a slow digestion which helps keep blood sugar at an optimal level, while it hastens the process of fat burning. It also helps to lower LDL cholesterol (the “bad”), and reduces blood pressure. The apples are a food rich in soluble fiber that keeps your stomach satisfied longer and helps to prevent l’pounce on the food. They have few calories and a high water content, which are essential for the control of the’appetite. Greek yogurt is an excellent source of protein and damps l’appetite, it also contains a good amount of calcium that helps control hunger pangs and helps l’body to go on for the whole day . Green tea, either hot or cold, is one of the drinks that you can drink in between meals to suppress l’appetite and help you to stop and think about the snacks. The green tea contains phytonutrients that increase l’hormone, cholecystokinin. Also, the catechins contained in green tea help slow down the l’rise in blood sugar and prevent the insulin spikes and the subsequent fat storage.


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