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how to choose probiotic foods

. Eat probiotic foods help to restore l’s natural balance of intestinal bacteria and to treat digestive problems ranging from constipation, to more serious problems. They can also help to reduce the bloating caused by the syndrome of the’irritable bowel syndrome and the symptoms associated with all’lactose intolerance. Probiotics are beneficial for the immune system and may also help prevent skin problems. Let’s try to understand together, then, how to choose probiotic foods:

in the trade, you can find many probiotics, sold especially under the form of drink, the cost is usually quite high, and in nature, however, we can find what we need, without necessarily having to buy these products. Yogurt for example, thanks to its lactic acid bacteria, it helps digestion and promotes a healthy environment of micro-organisms in the digestive tract. In addition, researchers have discovered that eating probiotic yogurt affects brain functioning in women. And the ‘particularly affected l’activities of the regions of the brain that control l’ processing of emotions and feelings. Preferably, opt for the plain yogurt and add fresh fruit if no do you like the taste. If you prefer Greek yogurt, you should know that although it is high in protein, contains a lower number of strains of beneficial bacteria. Kefir is another dairy fermented containing a variety of probiotic bacteria, in particular lactobacilli and bifido. This complex probiotic is also rich in nutrients and antioxidants. In fact, it has more B vitamins, calcium, protein and probiotic yogurt. In addition, it contains yeast, useful to combat the candida infections . The cabbage is popular in Germany and other european countries. It is usually made with cabbage and fermented, but can also be prepared using some other vegetables, and contain a variety of strains of probiotics to improve your intestinal flora.


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