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How to care for appliances

Useful allies to each woman, the appliances are too often not sufficiently dealt with, and in proportion to the daily work they carry out. Yet to clean well our friends appliances allows us to make them last longer, let him have better performance and save on energy bills, with a few euros and simple moves.

let’s Start the washing machine. The first thing we’re going to clean the gaskets and the filter. The filter must be disassembled and with l’help of a brush, under the jet d’running water must be removed all the residue. If you should serve, let it dive into the water and vinegar, or used dell’anti-scale chemicals to remove more resistant stains. For the seals, instead, take a sponge, sprinkle it, and cover it with baking soda, then proceed to rub until the mildew stains will not be gone. Replace the filter and clean l’outdoors, use warm water and white vinegar, pure. Did this do in the washing machine and a dry vacuum of about forty minutes, at a temperature of 50-60 degrees putting in the basket a couple of tablespoons of sodium bicarbonate, and in the drawer of the detergent and half a litre of white vinegar (the one that won’t fit, put it directly in the basket).

once the washing open the washing machine and let it dry.

For the dishwasher are worth more or less the same rules. First clean the filter from any residue of food and other. Then check the level of salt and rinse aid and rabboccatelo if necessary. Do right now do a dry run at the highest possible temperature having l’care to distribute them in the dishwasher compartment and half a litre – a litre (depending on size) of white vinegar or lemon juice in smaller quantities. A trick easy to maintain and that will allow you to have a dishwasher, always perfectly clean and fragrant is to insert half a lemon (even a little’ down is okay, just that there is a bit’ of the pulp) in the lower basket and change it every 3-4 washes.

Vinegar, baking soda, and lemon are powerful acids that have an antiseptic and anti-scale, but above all they are not toxic neither for people nor for l’environment, so they are perfect for the care of our appliances.

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