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How to build a wooden canopy

THE benefits of a roof are numerous, some of these relate to l’embellishment of the house, and a shelter from the sun and weather to enjoy the terrace during all seasons.

One of the biggest benefits, however, concerns the possibility to realize it in full autonomy. Let’s see how to do it: first, it must be defined to the precision of the perimeter that must be covered by a roof. The measurements must be both highly precise worth to the success of the work.

once you have done this you can begin to draft the project on paper from the choices to place the shed on one or two walls or create a freestanding structure.

When drawn up the project of shed that you want to achieve, keep in mind some essential details: if you must lie to the outer wall of the’building, the wall must be solid and perfectly solid, capable of supporting a great weight and a strong pressure; the greater the length of the uprights and of the foxes, the bigger the weight they can carry, and then can be even more large l shed.

Taking into account this and took the necessary measures, you just need to choose and buy the necessary material. If the measurements are accurate, you can also make you prepare the pieces of the length you need from the woodwork of the warehouse where the purchased. At the time of the’purchasing and design in general, keep in mind the weight of the material. There are numerous varieties of wood, choose the one most suitable and durable to the wear and tear of the atmospheric agents, which is tough and durable but also not too heavy otherwise you could risk damage to the facade of the house on which it is endorsed.

If the shed rests on the ground, account must be taken of the weight of the canopy to point to the anchors and to decide whether to fix them in the ground or on the floor. The fasteners should be placed in the four corners and is the first step to this is crucial to take measures otherwise there is a risk that the canopy is centered with respect to the support poles.

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