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how to brush the cat

cats are animals that are very autonomous and independent, they are also very attentive to cleaning and all’hygiene. Can it happens, however, especially in periods of silent cats licking swallow too much hair and this is very bad. At least in this l’man can coming to meet him brushing it, between l’the other cats often appreciate this practice that they perceive as a moment of petting and cuddling.

let’s Start then by saying that to the cats hair short, it is sufficient to brush them once a week, whilst long-haired ones require more attention and a daily commitment. You have to follow this practice all the l’s the year but in particular in its periods:

in the spring, when they change the mantle, alleggerendolo to withstand hot and in the autumn, when instead, there is the wetsuit winter: the cat increases the consistency of your mantle, that you will then be brushed to encourage growth, avoid knots, itching and inflammation.

The techniques to eliminate the dead hair from the cat and encourage oxygenation of the skin vary, as anticipated, depending on the type of coat possessed by the cat.

A shorthair cat is enough to brush it once a week, first with a comb, and then passing the typical rubber glove to collect the hair in excess.

in long-haired cats instead, should be brushed every day, first with a wide tooth comb being careful not to pull on the skin if there’is a node. Quanlora there were any of the nodes to dissolve them without disturbing the cat keep l’s hanging, and combed only from l’end. If it melts exist on the market products to cut them.

You brush first the belly, then the legs and finally the back, the area where the loss of hair will be more abundant. Finally, the rubber glove.

rub the cats is important, not only because it allows you to remove the dead hair so that it does not end up in their stomach when they lick themselves, transformed in the annoying balls of fur, but also because:

it is a perfect opportunity to go for a check up the status of the form of the cat or check the presence of external parasites, abnormalities of the skin and hair, and of masses or nodules to be all’attention of the veterinarian;
helps to strengthen the bond between the cat and the owner. Especially if they are accustomed from an early age, your brush will replace very well and affectively, the licking of fur that a mother cat gives when they are puppies.


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