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what to do in case of unintentional weight loss

The loss intentional weight thanks to the diet and all’ exercise is normal and to be expected, but the significant weight loss without important changes in your life style may cause some concern. The rapid weight loss at any time in life should be taken as a sign serious and you need to immediately consult a doctor to determine the cause. It could be simple stress or some underlying medical condition. We will then how to behave in case of unintentional weight loss:

diabetes is a common reason related to unexplained weight loss. It is a metabolic disorder that causes high levels of glucose in the blood, either due to dell’insufficiency of insulin production in the body, of the’inability of the body to respond properly because it’insulin. The weight loss occurs in people with diabetes for two reasons: loss of excess water due to frequent urination because the body is not able to absorb the calories from the sugar in the blood. Also, if there’is, insulin is insufficient, the body begins to burn fat and muscles for l’energy, causing a loss of total body weight. The sudden weight loss can indicate a thyroid problem, in particular, l’ hyperthyroidism. In this type of thyroid problem, an abnormal increase in dell’activity of the gland causes an excess of thyroid hormones that circulate in the blood. The high amounts of T4, T3 or both hormones circulating in the blood can cause a metabolic rate to be excessive, leading to a greater consumption of energy in the body. In addition to the rapid loss of weight, l’hyperthyroidism speeds up the heart rate and causes excess sweating, hot flashes, panic attacks, mood swings, bulging eyes, muscle weakness, and fatigue. People who suffer from a’peptic ulcer also have an unexplained weight loss. In fact, it is a sign of relief in many people. For all these reasons, if you do not find an apparent cause is tied to your weight loss, you should speak with your doctor and to prescribe all necessary investigations.


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