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how to avoid addiction to sugar

A moderate amount of refined sugar may be acceptable for a healthy diet. But when consumption of too much sugar, this can negatively affect your body and promote l’ emergence of diseases, such as l’obesity, diabetes, gingivitis, depression, heart problems and liver damage. Refined sugar as well as foods and sugar-sweetened beverages, tend to contain empty calories, in the sense that they have important nutrients. Today, many people can not resist the desire of sugar, which means that they are simply employees from the sugar. As, however, it is possible to decrease l’ sugar intake, with a plan that focuses on the fact that we make small changes to your lifestyle. We see, then, how to avoid addiction to sugar:

some people, in order to reduce l’ sugar intake and decide to go all’ use of other fat, but in reality these do not reduce the craving for sugar and may actually contribute to’weight gain. A great way to stop sugar cravings is to keep healthy snacks at hand. In this way, you can eat something healthy when you feel like it, instead of your favorite ice cream or donuts and creamy. And they’ for example, you can eat of the’ raisins, dark chocolate or dried fruit. Usually when you are very hungry you tend to want more foods rich in sugars and due to this, you should include protein-rich foods, this helps to manage l’appetite and prevent frequent hunger pangs. Foods high in protein, you digest more slowly, keeping you feeling of satiety for a longer time. Choose proteins healthy , such as lean chicken, yogurt, low-fat, eggs, nuts, beans, peas and lentils. The thirst is often confused with hunger or food cravings. So, when he feels a sudden impulse to a specific food, try to drink a glass d’of water and wait a few minutes. L’acqua√® a great way to fool the brain and to control sugar cravings.


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