How many vegetables and fruit should we eat daily?

vegetables and fruits are essential in the diet of those who want to have a healthy life, it all already know. But what would be the ideal dosage for daily consumption of those foods?

A work carried out by the University College London, England and released by the BBC showed that people who consume at least five types of vegetables and fruit per day, have lower risk of dying from cancer, heart disease or some type of premature death.

Obviously, the more there are the consumption of the food, which only bring good to our body, the better. But a dosage of five times a day would be enough for the body to start to feel the benefits caused by food.

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The survey also showed that the vegetables when they are fresh, have a greater protective effect than when they are cooked. Already the fruits are used in juices, mainly the drinks that take sugar, end up losing a large part of their nutrients.

fruits and vegetables can be used as ingredients for salads, soups, pasta, or consumed in natura.

The opposite effect can arise in those who consume fruits and vegetables canned. This type of food can end up increasing the chances of risk of death, due to chemical substances they have.

the Quantity or variety?

The study also shows that there is little good to consume five (or more) vegetables or fruit, and if there is a variation. Nutritionists advocate that it is important to have a varied and balanced diet, that includes plenty of fruits and vegetables.

The ideal is to try to combine the most varied possible to the fibers, nutrients and vitamins that are offered by different kinds of food.