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How and when to do a pregnancy test

L’expectation of a pregnancy is known that makes looking forward even more women calm. As for the curiosity and the desire lead us to take the test the day after a relationship, we know well that this is unnecessary and could undergo unnecessary stress.

Taking into account the time of fertilization, the menstrual cycle and the production of the’hormone beta HCG is recommended to perform the test not before the fourth to fifth day of delay, especially if you intend to find out of your pregnancy by using one of those tests that you buy in the pharmacy and you are running in the house. For precise and reliable enough to perform the test when you have low levels of beta HCG may give a false negative. A false negative is when the test says that you are not pregnant, but in reality, you are: the test fails because done too soon. Important, then, is not to anticipate too the test and do it in the morning with the first urine of the day. If you’re impatient and you want to do during the day read this leaflet carefully and follow to the letter all the instructions. You can try to take the test after the first day of the delay, just keep in mind the possibility that the result is not entirely reliable, and don’t be discouraged. In this case repeat the test after a few days to have a result that is more reliable.

you Can do the test of the’urine at a lab d’s analysis, you can just buy a glass sterile at the pharmacy or even in some shops that sell products for the home and the person and then take it to a laboratory.

L’trust dell’and’the other is very similar, so it is less advisable to shorten the waiting time.

A test is definitely more reliable, but also more invasive, is the one that is through the blood.

Il ginecologo non può risalire alla presenza di una gravidanza attraverso l’ecografia trans-vaginale ad alta risoluzione, se non prima delle cinque, sei settimane di gravidanza.

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