Ho' oponopono, Healing hawaiian

Ho’ oponopono means “straighten the crooked” or “correcting an error” and is an ancient practice of healing hawaiian based on reconciliation and forgiveness.

This practice of healing is based on the belief that the root of the problems or errors comes from the existence of thoughts contaminated by the memory. These thoughts cause an imbalance or disease in people.

Ho’ oponopono-hawaiian is defined as a “mental cleansing created from the meeting of the community in order to heal a sick person or for the restoration of a relationship through prayer, dialogue, confession, repentance and mutual forgiveness”

The hawaiians practiced Ho’ ‘oponopono as a method of healing believed that by means of the confession (identification of the cause of the error) the error no longer had power over the person and did not give way to the disease. In its origins this technique was to group and will be carried out with all the family present. During the session one-to-one were asking for forgiveness to the other, thereby restoring the lost balance and returning the order.

Morrnah Simeona updated the teaching hawaiian and adapted to the modern times by creating the”Self-identity” through the Ho’ oponopono. In the seventies he founded “Pacifica Seminars” and was recognized as a Kahuna lapa’au (healer) in Hawaii. In 1983, he was distinguished as a Treasure Living by the State of Hawaii,

Self-identity through Ho’’oponopono uses techniques to create a mutual cooperation between the three parts of the mind or the self: the subconscious, conscious and super-conscious. In this way it is possible to reclaim our inner connection with personal love. To connect with our “Source”, which brings us peace, harmony, and freedom.

The orientation change in this practice of healing is based on the personal responsibility of each individual with his own self and not with what they can forgive the family, as it was formerly. According to the Self – identity, what is erased from us is cleared also of others (family members, relatives, and ancestors…even the Earth). You can delete everything without needing the presence of others to ask forgiveness or to forgive, as we clean our internal memories. With the Self-identity through Ho’oponopono you can achieve healing from your own person, in your own home. Ho’oponopono part of this concept: we are all the product of the experiences that have been accumulating in our existential process as material beings, throughout all our lives, that have created in us a great well of information in our subconscious.This healing is based on three decrees fundamental:


  • to Be responsible of our life in a 100%. We believe what we believe. If this is so, then we can change. Accepting this fact we are responsible of our life in its entirety. Change the thinking, will also change what we believe.
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  • Not to use the intellect to the healing Ho’oponopono. We must not analyze, we just have to observe and clean constantly to our memories, by repeating the four energies Ho’oponopono. With this healing we accept that there is a part within us that is wiser and that we must trust in ourselves, in our inner Self, our I Am.
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  • Be willing to drop. Whenever we think of drop we the same question How do you loose? In our society we are accustomed to retain, to hold fast to everything that surrounds us, our beliefs and fears… these are nothing more than barriers that we ourselves put. We have the assumption that if we release our ego we lose everything, when in reality, letting go of the ego we earn ourselves.

The four energies working Ho’ponopono are sorry, Forgiveness, I Love You and Thank you. And it is in this inner work, returning to our Divine Source, where we will find our true Essence.Today Ho’oponopono is considered a therapy healing spiritthat says that in order to begin to change the world we must be one hundred percent responsible for our thoughts and actions, including of those around us, in the sense that all together we compose the reality. Once assumed this responsibility, and conducting an inner work that allows us to forgive and to be forgiven, we will achieve peace in our inner around of our being. The combination of the traditions of the hawaiian, praying to the Divine Creator, and the problems with reincarnation and karma resulted in this new process of self-help to the resolution of the problems.

At the time of working this technique is invoked, the child within, from the conscious mind to request the assistance of the Divine intelligence, to neutralize the memories and to reset the Self-identity. The process consists in freeing ourselves of those memories, data memories, structures, erroneous legacy that remain in the subconscious, because these are the emotions tied to these memories which affect us in the present.

Decrees for the work of Self-identity through Ho’oponopono: