Hedeoma, powerful plant to treat gastrite

nature is a rich source of alternatives to human life. Is it to promote the health, aesthetics or well-being, the truth is that through plants man can find the solution to the various problems. This is the case of the hedeoma.

The hedeoma is a plant of the family Lamiacae, a relative of the popular mint. They are also known as “false pennyroyal”.

medicinal Properties

The plant has an important role in alternative medicine. Its leaf is used in treatments for problems such as stinging when passing urine, abdomen distended, sore, or sensitive, inability to hold the urine for a few minutes and pain in the kidneys and the uterus.

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The treatment to the base of the plant is ideal for those who suffer from gastritis and ulcers, problems in the spleen, liver, gall bladder, leucorreia (discharge mucous whitish or yellowish vagina) and dysmenorrhea (pain before and during menstruation).


But it can be abortive and toxic in case used in the exception. The plant can induce menstruation, so it’s a big risk for the women who are in the process of gestation.