Heartburn and poor digestion can be caused by hectic routines

Many brazilian men and women have journey double as work out and still need to take care of the house. Other, including, in addition to these two activities, are still in school or do volunteer work.

In short, a day with 24 hours grows short for such occupation. So, with all of these obligations, deadlines and goals to be met, the basic needs of life shall not be taken into consideration, as in the case of meals.

The three main moments to feed the body should be sacred, especially the breakfast that is the first meal of the day and is responsible for increasing the energy of the body. However, with the rush of day-to-day, and all the hectic routines that people are subjected to, the quality of the food dropped and the time devoted to doing the dishes has been reduced.

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Taking into consideration this perspective, a study was conducted in Brazil to identify the consequences of this new lifestyle. It was discovered then that, while the time of the meal decreases, there is an increase in the rate of heartburn and poor digestion in people. This balance unequal promotes burning, abdominal pain, and can even cause vomiting in patients.

Research relating to heartburn and poor digestion with hectic routines

The brazilians are heartburn and bad digestion on the average of five times per month, according to the national survey made by the institute Ipsos Brazil. This alarming number is due to two factors related to the hectic routines that hinder the power of the people in one of two ways, they are: the quality of the meals and the time spent to do them.

For a brief time at home or have little time at lunch, people tend to make meals that are rich in salt and fats. Also for these reasons, the come with more agility, without chewing right and go long periods without food between one meal and another. All these habits result in unpleasant symptoms such as acidity and burning, as well common in heartburn and bad digestion.

Tips to get rid of poor digestion and heartburn

  • Perform the meals at the correct times and never leave to do any of them;
  • Is always feeding from a period between each meal;
  • Avoid take coffee and carbonated beverages;
  • Chew food well and spend the time that is needed to make the meal;
  • consult a physician if symptoms persist for days in a row.