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About 85% of men will have significant hair loss when they reach the 50 year, according to the american association of hair loss.

Some men begin to lose their hair before they reach the age of 21 years.

Learn the home treatments male hair loss.

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Discovering the myths of hair loss.

Use a cap cause baldness? Not. Someone running their fingers through your hair is not going to make that fall. Neither will combing, brushing, twisting, or anything of the style. But it will be too hard to prevent hair breakage.

Stop smoking will save your hair?

Several studies show a significant relationship between smoking and how fast if it worsens male pattern baldness. So if you need one more reason to quit smoking, add early loss of hair to your list. And male hair loss which can be.

what hair loss says about your health.

Fortunately, in most cases, the hair loss, known as alopecia, doesn’t signal any medical problem. And does not pose any risk to health.

But it is common to worry about as the hair loss that affects first impressions or if going bald makes you look older.

what causes hair loss?

More than 95% of hair loss in male is due to male pattern baldness, a genetic trait. The gene can come from either parent.

In other cases, certain medications, having too much vitamin A, or not having enough protein can cause hair loss.

the Dramatic fall of hair is known as effluvium telogen, may be caused by illness or stress. In men, hair loss not because of the baldness of the father can often revert

Work to keep the hair you have.

Preventing hair loss is easier than male hair loss in adolescence. If you want to find something that will work for you, do your homework.

But be careful most of the miracle products available and treatments are liars. In case of doubt, your doctor or a dermatologist can help.

Medication for hair loss: Minoxidil.

Although there is no way to cure male-pattern baldness, it may improve with some medications. Minoxidil is a medicine no prescription approved by the FDA that you apply to your scalp.

Slows down the rate of hair loss in men, and some men not grow new hair. But once you stop using, hair loss returns.

male-pattern Baldness: what to expect.

A sign revealing of male pattern baldness is a thin line in the shape of M. then, the hair on top of your head also starts to thin, leaving a bald spot.

Eventually, the two meet, leaving a horseshoe pattern of hair around the sides.

male pattern Baldness: the Hormones of guilt.

With male pattern baldness, a hormone called DHT cause shrinkage of hair follicles. Eventually, the follicles shrink so much that hair cannot grow in them.

Medication for hair loss: finasteride.

Told as a pill prescription, Finasteride slows hair loss by slowing production of the body of DHT. Some men were able to grow new hair while using it.

In general, it is considered to work better than minoxidil. Pregnant women should not handle the drug since it can cause birth defects in fetuses that are male. Like minoxidil, it works only as long as it is used.

You should use a wig?

Appliques have gone a long way in how they look. Find the right person, however, takes time and study.

There is a great variety in cost and quality. And hairpieces require regular maintenance which can run between$173 and$865 per month.

To purchase, choose one that matches your own hair colour, thickness and cut.

what happens in a hair transplant?

A doctor will move healthy hair from the back and side of the head to the top to restore a natural appearance.

hair Transplants can be expensive and you can have multiple processes.

After two months, the majority of the transplanted hair falls, but to grow back new hair. Within six months the hair starts to look normal.

make the most of the hair you have.

There are a few tricks of style, which you can use to make your hair loss less noticeable. Short hair cut lets you avoid obvious comb-overs (hair-side).

Care hair and products style can add volume to your hair. Eat a balanced diet and handling your hair gently will also help. And learn male hair loss early.

Accentuate the positive.

The hair does not make the man. Remember everything you have to offer to others. Or take care of the things you can control, as well as stay in shape.

it IS OK to seek support to others. If you need a boost, think of bald men (or those that their heads are shaved) like Ed Harris, Patrick Stewart and Michael Jordan, who ooze confidence. So if you consider yourself in good company.

UPDATED: 05.06.17




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