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The nails deserve a special attention, mainly because they display characteristic features often.

Or, from time to time the nails begin to show peeling, weak, break easily, revealing that they are a little malnourished and a little dehydrated.

there Are several factors that cause the weakness of the nails, such as excess water in the hands, due to washing of crockery, or even the use of nail polishes that do not contribute to the strengthening of the nails.

Glazes without vitamins in their composition, or indulge in frequent contact with cleaning products.

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Nails weak – Remedies and Treatments

The use of gloves during the procedure certain tasks, how to use detergents and other cleaning products or even stay with wet hands for long periods of time.

Prevents the weakness of the nails, and to contribute to this new habit, use a base strengthening on the nails and stays a period of time without the use of nail polishes, only waiting for the re-establishment of the nails.

The poor quality of the enamel also can influence on the health of fingernails, making them opaque and brittle, additionally parched to excess, and must take some measures, if only the basis of strengthening not present the results.

The consultation with a dermatologist may be necessary for the guidance of the tract of the problem, carrying out exams to identify the reason why the nails do not acquire the best appearance and resistance.

The darker tones of enamel can leave the nails yellowish, and this coloration comes out inside of a short time, it is sufficient that the variation of colors allow time for this stain to disappear, considering the shades of brown, orange and red, which have higher possibility of leaving stains.

The ripples in fingernails may be caused by the extraction of the cuticle with the employment of much force, or the force too the root of the nail, it is possible that it will have some waves, so be gentle in the removal or simply do not remove the cuticle.

The basis for strengthening and treatment products prescribed by dermatologists may have the desired effect in the tract of the nail, but its maintenance is basically only one.

to Ensure a diet that is rich in vitamins, protein and zinc, protect the nails to be in contact with makeup products corrosive.

Decrease the application quantity of acetone or Polish removers, because ressecam much the nails and the use of enamels suitable with formulation moisturizing.



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Hardener of nails – Tips

Use olive oil mixed with lemon juice strengthens the nails, it is sufficient that the application be made during ten consecutive days, applied along the region of the cuticles and the nails must not have nail Polish.

There are many products for sale that serve as nourishment for the nails, bases and formulation of ceramides, with calcium concentration, with oils, fibers, or even with action of nutrition of the nails, and hydration.

there Are several products that can contribute to the prevention of problems such as dryness and weakness of the nails, it is sufficient that the application be done frequently and always before the enamel, or the enamel comes in contact with the base, sustaining and not with the nail.

See your manicure in respect of the products that you use, looking to see if these products are giving expected results.

otherwise, ask the dermatologist about these products that strengthen, hydrate and nourish the nails, and then keep this product always near you.

And preference, giving larger gaps for paint the nails, giving them time to restore of the last application.

Not all of the product to the nail is expensive, but also these products are not so cheap in the shops, so, search about the types of strengtheners reading carefully the functions of each product.

Featured at least three products that would consider the purchase because of the result, and finally, only choose a product.

This choice is made on the basis of the criteria, and should consider the formulation suggested by the doctor, and in what circumstances the product does not display results.

And mainly the brand of the product that most stands out in positive results, as in the case of the base strengthening of Granado, which is a brand old and of high quality.

what contributes to that trust in this brand is wider, since it always receives compliments about their formulations free.

UPDATED: 05.06.17



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