Going to the fair? So here’s how to choose the best papaya before you buy

Known for being a great laxative natural, the benefits of papaya brings to the body go far beyond that. But to be able to absorb all the nutrients from the fruit is need to know to choose the right one at the time of purchase.

Rich in vitamin A and C, the papaya helps to combat vision problems, hair loss and diseases of the skin and also strengthens the immune system.

A fruit take which helps weight loss, prevents the accumulation of fats in the walls of blood vessels, prevents the increase of bad cholesterol, facilitates digestion, relieves symptoms of sinusitis and also helps prevent cancer.

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How to choose papaya at the time of the purchase

You can imagine that buying papaya is difficult to actually know how to choose papaya is not a task that any person dominate but that can easily be learned.


Note that if the papaya has a yellowish color by pulling a green very subtle.


Feel if the fruit is soft, but not give in completely to the pressure that you do with your fingers. When food presents these characteristics, it means that he is almost ripe, and the taste is a little less sweet than the mature. Store the fruit in places with environment temperature.


If you prefer to purchase papaya is already ripe look for the one that has the shell all yellow and without spots. This time, the fruit when it is slightly tight, will be soft, but will continue to firm. The fruit has already matured may be stored in the refrigerator, but should be consumed fast.