Going to buy grapes? Learn how to choose correctly

Difficult to find someone who doesn’t like grape. In addition to be a fruit that only does well to the body, food also has a taste sweet, unmistakable.

The fruit protects the body against cancer, increases the flow of blood through the blood vessels, reduces the fall in the level of glucose in patients with diabetes, protects the health of the brain and eyes, fighting asthma, improves digestion, is an excellent natural anti-inflammatory and even has anti bacterial and anti viral.

But the benefits of the fruit and the I like the only one she has will only appear if you know how to choose grape the right way. For this, there are a few ways to know to buy the grape, and which is suitable to be taken home.

Photo: depositphotos

How to buy grape: know how to choose the right way

At the time of buying grapes look for the ones that are more chubby and firm. The color of the fruit should be “alive”, and uniforms.

Pay attention also on the ends of the grape. They should be green, the more darkened indicate that the fruit is old. Stay tuned also to the kind of “wax” that sits on top of the grape. If it is not removed from the fruit, it means that she has been less handled, therefore, the tendency is that she has more time life.

as soon As you get back from the fair or supermarket with the grapes, place them in a plastic bag and make holes in it. Leave the fruit in the fridge, and look for to consume them in less than a week. It is important to always remember to thoroughly wash the grapes (and any other fruit) before consuming.