Ginger can cure the prostate cancer, and ovarian cancer

ginger is already a root known in alternative medicine as a great natural ingredient to combat different diseases. The latest discovery is that it can also help treat ovarian cancer, and prostate.

The root acts as an excellent anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, digestive, and aphrodisiac. Being an excellent natural way to treat problems such as muscle aches, serves to alleviate aches and pains arising from rheumatism, to combat the frigidity, relieves nausea and dizziness, and helps treat feelings of depression.

in addition, ginger also helps to reduce the pain of the head, the throat and congestion of the lung, indigestões, menstrual cramps, tired muscles or cramps and still deals with poor circulation.

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The big news is that the ginger helps to eliminate the cancer cells of the ovary and prostate gland without causing any toxicity, according to research conducted by the University of Michigan.

The research showed that each use of ginger powder the cancer cells died. It did what the medicine is called apoptosis, a kind of “suicide” and from those cells. In addition to that “suicide” occur, also happened to called autophagy, which is when the cancer cells attack each other.

ginger inhibits growth and modulates secretion of angiogenic factors in cancer cells of the ovary. The use of the root can be an important ally for those who do treatments with chemotherapy, in addition to being a way to help prevent the disease.

in Addition to serving to treat and prevent ovarian cancer, ginger may also have the same function for the cancer of the prostate.

The British Journal of Nutrition published a u.s. study that proved that the use of the root extract helped kill the cancer cells present in the prostate, at the same time leaving the healthy ones intact.