Citrus fruits may pose danger in the summer

in Addition to being great sources of nutrients and have a great flavor, the citrus fruits are, without a doubt, a good choice when it comes to a healthy way to cool off during the summer, after all, a large part of them contain significant amount of water.

in Addition they can be consumed in natura, it is possible to make various types of juices, and even the famous caipirinha, for those who like alcoholic drinks.

Unfortunately, the same being practically harmless, even if you must have a care with these types of fruits, as their juice and, especially, their peels can have a group of substances known as furocumarinas.

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This group of compounds have the action fotossensibilizante, that is, they absorb a large amount of solar radiation (UVA and UVB).

If the human skin come in contact with any of the substances furocumarinas and if you expose it to the sun, it can cause an illness called fitofotodermatose or fitofotodermatite, which is an inflammation in the skin that causes reddish brown stains, especially on the hands, neck, and mouth, and can be accompanied by burning or itching. In more serious cases, they may appear to stain darker with bubbles. The burns usually appear 24 hours after contact with the food, and depending on its intensity, they can take several months to disappear completely.

Although it is commonly related to citrus fruits, the fitofotodermatite is caused by substances furocumarinas, which are also present in carrot, celery, parsley, cilantro, fennel, and plants, such as: the herb-of-st.-john and the prick.


  • Avoid stirring in citrus fruits while you are exposed to the sun;
  • Avoid the consumption of products derived from citrus (caipirinha, lemonade, juice, and popsicles), while it is in direct contact with the sun light;
  • If you mess with any citrus fruit or by-product, wash your hands, mouth or any other part of the body that has come into contact with the same;
  • Avoid the use of the tanners home, especially those that have as raw material the leaves of a fig;
  • The use of perfumes can also cause a similar picture. Avoid its use on the exposed parts;
  • Fruits such as tangerine, mango, orange, fig and green turnip can stain the skin.


The best treatment is obviously prevention, but in the case of the appearance of signs of redness on the skin, it is recommended to seek a dermatologist so that he can make the correct diagnosis of how to treat the burns.

The fitofotodermatite is usually treated with the use of ointments corticoids and moisturizing to the skin. The use of solar filters in the affected region is also very important that the frame does not get worse.