Fitoenergética: be able to balance in life with the power of plants

it is Not today that is being spread among the various generations the healing power that plants have.

Is to solve problems that are more serious or that little nuisance of the day-to-day, they are more than indicated. And, best of all, is that there is almost no counter-indication to the use.

Among all processes that use plants as the main characters, the fitoenergética appears with relevant expertise. To know a little more about the subject, in addition to the power plants present in the lives of people, pay attention in the course of the text.


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The fitoenergética is a system of natural healing that helps people to have more balance, through the energy and healing power of plants. In most cases, people are immersed in hectic routines, with emotions unsettled and conflicting, in addition to all the competitiveness that involves the relationships.

Factors like these causes the people to lose a lot of energy, according to reports the holistic therapist Patrícia Cândido. “The plants are the thermometers of environments. It is often easier to realize this when a person goes in your house and you realize that the plant withered. This may be a sign of imbalance,” he says.

These exchanges of energy happen all the time, independent of the will of the people. To get even more clear this interaction between energy and plants, Patricia still says, “a garden only goes well when he is well taken care of and the energy of people who passed by is in harmony. The plants respond, energy, our vibration”.

Types of plants


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The fitoenergética studying the role of plants in the emotion of the people. Then, some types are used at certain points, the second explains the holistic therapist. “The arruda, for example, operates in the field of unfulfilled desires, so that they die very easy, since all people have unfulfilled desires and goals not met”.


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Already the basil works on the frequency of truth. Then, when the people are very untrue, they end up stealing the energy from this plant, it soon withers.


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While the strawberry does not go well with poor people, and the mauve does not support people undecided.


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But, does not stop there. “The carnation of india is a plant that stimulates concentration, reasoning, in addition to clear the mind of worries and have more energy mentally to find good solutions in life,” adds Patricia.

Still according to her, the plant can be used as addition in teas or carried about in a pocket, inside a bag. The cloves can also be used in a mixture with water to spray in the environment, which will help in concentration and focus in life.


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Continuing in the plants and their benefits, the chamomile helps to calm the emotions, helping in the balance.


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The rosemary and cinnamon are herbs that attract prosperity, as well as the basil, which brings truth to the life, being allied with the mission and fluidity.