Find out which healthier substitute the sugar

Who would ever need to quench the desire for a sweet with brigadeiro, quindim, pudding, among so many others?! To resist the sweet of brazilian cuisine is no easy task. But know that the large intake of sugar may cause serious health damage.

And it’s not just risks like diabetes that people who consume a lot of sugar run. Health agencies warn that high consumption of sucrose is a risk factor for complications such as hypertension and metabolic changes.

Reduce the consumption of sugar is something that goes far beyond the aesthetic: it is a factor that helps to prevent various types of diseases.

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we Need sugar?

do Not confuse glucose with sucrose. Sucrose is popularly known as “table sugar”. Despite being quite consumed, the ingredient has no function in the body.

according To the nutritionist Sinara Menezes, the food is classified as a calorie to be empty, since it does not deliver benefits to the body. “Despite being extracted from a natural product, the chemical processes responsible for refining and let the sugar with the white appearance remove all the nutrients present in sugarcane, as soon as the final product does not deliver any nutrients. Sugar is a carbohydrate simple, high glycemic index, capable of allowing the weight gain and other disorders of metabolism when consumed in excess” he says.

glucose, yes, it is essential to the functioning of the body. This compound is a monosaccharide produced mainly through the metabolism of various foods. When we eat, our body will break down the structures of the food until you arrive in the molecules more simple and get the glucose.

what happens with sucrose is that it is a disaccharide composed of two simple structures: fructose and glucose. The problem is that, as it has a simple structure, the sucrose does not require much effort of the organism to occur in the digestion. Soon, the sugar is absorbed very fast, which can be a hazard to health.

Sugar x Health

These sugars and other simple carbohydrates elevate considerably the concentration glycemic, something that requires more of the pancreas. When the spikes in glucose that happen on a frequent basis, the body ends up developing insulin resistance, which is a hormone released every time we eat. He is responsible in bringing glucose into the cells.

in addition, the over-consumption of sugar is one of the main factors that help in weight gain. All of this because the excess glucose is stored by the body in form of fat.

É preciso eliminar?

With the exception of extreme cases, such as diabetes and other health problems, there is no need to exclude completely sugar from the diet. But it is important to control the consumption.

Reduce intake of sugar, regardless of the reason, will only bring benefits to your health and body. In addition to contributing to the weight loss, moderate consumption decreases the risk of diabetes and other ills related to obesity.

Alternatives to refined sugar,

There are some types of sugar that are healthier than those which we are accustomed. But, even so, they all have a high glycemic index, therefore, should also be consumed with moderation. The nutritionist indicates the ingredients: brown sugar, sugar, demerara sugar, organic sugar and coconut.

Sweetener is a good bet?

Many people believe that replacing sugar for a sweetener is a great extent. But believe me: this solution is not as healthy as it seems.

When it comes to health, the nutritionist points out that as more smart is to bet on the food as natural as possible, avoiding industrialized products such as the sweetener. “Healthy people and do not need special diets, you do not need to make the use of sweeteners. Your intake is only required for patients who need to restrict sugar from the diet as is the case with diabetes. Just change the food habits, eating fresh products such as fruit juices. Changing this habit can require time and dedication, but it is the choice more healthy.”, alert the specialist.

Even the stevia, a sweetener to the base of the plant, or the sugar light, should be used only by those who have total restriction to the consumption of sugar.