Find out how to open cans of food with a spoon

In the kitchen, well in time to prepare a special dish, it is not difficult to find the ingredients that appear on packaging, let’s say, complicated to open. Among them, the cans in canning appear at the top of the list. However, in the absence of a utensil to the particular, you will not abort the preparation of the dish.

These packages can be opened with relative ease with the use of a can opener. From a sequence of movements secure and accurate, soon the can will be opened and you will give sequence to the preparation of the dish. But, and when you don’t have a can opener? For this, there are the spoons!

That’s right, you don’t get it wrong. In the absence of a can opener, use a spoon is the most accessible and easy to open a can. In case you’ve asked like, pay attention to the sequence of this text that all the tips will be passed.

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How to use the scoop

This is an effective technique that has some important steps. But, in compensation, it can be learned easily and will save your dinner, in the absence of a can opener. Ready to know all the details? So, hands to work!

1º passo

To start the process of opening a tin, take a spoon and position it on top of the tin, leaving only the edge of the utensil free. With one hand you hold to the tin and, with the other spoon. It is important to maintain a space between the hand and the tip of the spoon, to prevent injury.

2º passo

Rub the spoon on the edge of the tin, taking as a basis a small space. You have to print a little strength for you to be able to penetrate the metal. Soon you will notice that the metal starts to yield, to make a hole.

3º passo

After you create a hole, you are going to give sequence to the opening of the can by cutting the metal. To do this, simply follow the contour of the tin. Give back in all of it. At the end, just lift the lid with care so as not to cut themselves.