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dark Circles under the eyes whitish, translucent powder clear, black shadow blurred and the contour of the mouth marked are some of the mistakes of makeup committed by celebrities that can be avoided.

Check out some tips to avoid embarrassment there!

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(VIDEO) 10 Fatal Errors in the make-up (up to DATE)

Miley Cyrus is more a victim of the dust trailer, evil spread: she looks like she ate one of those loaves of bread full of flour!

Jennifer Aniston missed to hand in make-up body, and appeared with smudges on the back.

Naomi Campbell lost some hair doing both extensions and hairstyles. Usually it disguises, but this time it did not.

Lipstick on the tooth, whom never, right? Paris Hilton suffered from this evil.

Shakira did not wash their hair, and went out on the street ensebadinha.

Eva Longoria is not spread well to the dust, and was with the famous ‘panda inverted’.

Lindsay Lohan, what blush is this? It seems like a hematoma… a mistake in the color and in the time to apply.

The pencil darker in the contour of the lips was not good, not Pamela Anderson.

Katherine Heigl not know how to choose the color of the base, and appeared orange oompa-loompa.

Not the queen of pop Madonna escapes from a day of hair rough – came out of the house with it dirty and full of frizz.

Mischa Barton also decided to get out of the house without spending even a comb on the wires.

uma Thurman went over the top on the concealer illuminator, and became cub inverted.

okay to use pink hair, Katy Perry, but takes account for the root dark does not grow too big.

Kelly Osbourne was yellowish too much with the base – will she chose in the dark?.

Catherine Zeta-Jones has invested in shadow shimmering light blue – and they missed it.

it Is normal to pass loose powder under the eyes, Nicole Kidman. But before leaving the house to us spreads as well.

That scare! The base orange Christina Aguilera dyed her up to the root of the hair, reaching platinum status.

Alert lipstick on the tooth of Claudia Raia. To avoid this it is very simple, just take off the excess lipstick.

The trace of eyeliner from the Sandy beyond the eyes and reaches almost to the nose.

The ex BBB Mayra Cardi painted eyebrows exaggeratedly – so is not natural, it gets ugly.

Monique from there, also forgot to spread the powder finisher, it was all bright white.

This coke pointed to Kelly Osbourne was not good not.

Christina Aguilera screwed up two times: you have chosen the base color is wrong and it has not spread right, look at the spot near the hair.

Believe it if you want: Ashley Judd wasn’t trying to imitate Marge Simpson with this topknot is too high.

actress Annalynne McCord should be with nostalgia of the balls coming out of 15 years when he chose this hairstyle. Adult

Errors Makeup

by Applying Mascara with lumps

The excess of mascara is a bug in the makeup common you can easily avoid.

To apply mascara without clumps you can do the following.

Apply the minimum possible to the mascara brush mascara.

Touch back down on the edge of the tube to be sure.

You can also put a tissue and gently drain, and then tap the excess mascara.

Apply the mascara in a zigzag pattern on the lashes.

Go for the mascara dried it with an old toothbrush through your lashes.

So, to get the most out of junk and pieces, and your eyelashes.

If you still want to do a movie.

it Is better to wait until the mascara is dry.

it Is wise for the second layer of your lashes even combing it once.

Fine Blush

it Is important to use the brush of the correct size in the composition, the application of blushes.

the Line of heart is very thin ensures that you stand out very flush and look at shows as a streak.

If you want to avoid an error with makeup blush.

Take a brush of makeup step by step of ponta grossa’s nice that you can divide your blush beautiful during the cutting.

In the blush compact is too often too small brush of makeup.

So, you can buy better brushes makeup loose set.

Eyeliner in bold around the eyes

Eyeliner has the power to show smaller or larger only his eyes.

Therefore, it is advisable to practice good with eyeliner. An error makeup is in a small corner.

what you with eyeliner especially should avoid is to apply the eyeliner you have fat around your eyes.

An eyeliner thick around and over the lower eyelid and in the upper eyelids brings everything out of balance.

The result is not always flattering.

How do you avoid this makeup mistake?

For example, make sure that you do on your upper eyelids that are compatible with your lower eyelids a bit more eyeliners.

If you have light skin, it is advisable to use an eyeliner in dark brown. This makes it even more subtle.

In a skin lightly tanned or dark skin you can simply use a dark brown or black eyeliner. This has again to do with balance.

Dark and bright colors

This is a great place to look 80s makeup.

So cute and 80 parts.

But, in combination with a garment 80.

Without the 80s fancy clothes to attract a lot of attention to his lips.

But, at the present time, you need any way, but does not use more.

To avoid that you can choose the best lip liner goes to the fog with lip liner combined with lip balm that looks more like the color of your skin around your mouth.

So, the transition from your skin to your lips to look more beautiful.

Fill in your lips with the desired color for you lipstick and finish with gloss transparent.

of Course, you can also opt for a lipstick matte by this bug makeup for wedding with lip liner is to work around its entirety.

eyebrows dyeing

If you have eyebrows that are thicker, you’d better not to dye or eyebrow dye.

Just a few eyebrows eyebrow comb and powder are sufficient.

Also avoid this error make-up.

it Is wise to trim your eyebrows regularly and to get a comb brows through daily.

His eyebrows good service is always important. Regardless of whether you’re eyebrow is fat or lean.

Plucking eyebrows

If the eyebrows are removed pleasant you can look much more enjoyable.

But an error is in a small corner.

The fact is that people eyebrows quickly.

This means that the eyebrows are too thin for your face shape or makeup look.

Eyebrows more full for a time in fashion, so a little more eyebrow is not bad.

Be careful with the caliper to avoid this error in the makeup for black skin.

Placement on a foundation for dry skin

Another error composition is the application of a base on a skin to dry.

Using foundation on dry skin ensures that the pieces of skin are highlighted.

The purpose of a foundation is natural to make your skin more smooth.

How do you avoid this error make-up?

You can better your skin once a week good scrub.

of Course, with the product, exfoliator, and not your entire skin is broken.

Choose a scrub to the side, exfoliating is also a soothing cream.

Through your skin care for the first place, well, your skin peels more slowly, and the foundation can help you to really make the skin nice smooth.

excessive Use of the tanning lotion

The fact is that you should apply bronzer on parts of your face.

Think of your forehead, temples and nose.

Not if you want to lubricate your entire face.

This seems less tidy.

Use suntan lotion to the parts previously mentioned your face, kind of like a marker.

Composition on sleep

Perhaps the most important error makeup that you should really avoid.

The fact is that if your makeup before going to sleep do not get your skin may cause inflammation.

This applies, in particular, to the eye, because their eyes are more sensitive.

Then, remove it before you go to sleep for always in your makeup for night.

Errors foundation

How to make your foundation as well?

The first step is to find a good foundation that combinthe perfectly with your skin tone so that it matches completely with your skin tone.

Use a brush for foundation to apply the product on the skin.

so you get an even greater result.

First apply foundation, then concealer.

for the simple reason that the whole purpose of concealer is wasted if you could do it reversed.

Use a lip pencil for a more

For the lips, not just lipstick.

A lip liner ensures that your color is preserved for longer and, in addition, you can with a lip pencil the shape of the lip carve to the desired shape.

Nail Polish

Nails that are well cared for and healthy is essential.

in Addition to taking care of your nails yourself, it is important to nourish and moisturize the skin quite their hands.

Too much mascara

Aglutinaram above the lashes is the result of applying too much mascara.

To avoid this, keep your brush horizontally at the base of the lashes and apply the mascara along the zigzag forth.

Then you hold your brush vertically for 3 seconds to create height and volume.

UPDATED: 07.06.17



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