Sun exposure: know the myths and truths about this subject

according to information From the National Cancer Institute José Alencar Gomes da Silva (INCA), 30% of malignant tumors identified in Brazil are corresponding to cancer of the skin. Therefore, this is the most common type of cancer cells in the brazilians.

This number rattling may be related to the intense solar rays that fall in the tropical country, especially in the seasons between December and march, a period that includes the summer in the Southern Hemisphere.

Another possible explanation for this growing, given it is the bad use of sunscreen. This is because, the brazilians do not have the custom of using this product and when you apply do not have the concern to follow the instructions correctly.

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Taking into consideration these points, dr. Jussara Gasparotto created a list that explains the myths and truths about sun exposure. This is information that can help the consumer to better protect against the sun’s rays and prevent skin from possible burns and serious diseases.

to Unfold the myths and truths about sun exposure

1. The sunscreen should only be used on sunny days on the beach or in the swimming pool

MYTH. As well as brushing the teeth, the habit of using sunscreen must be recurrent and continuous. This is because, the sun’s rays do not focus only with the presence of the sun course in the sky, but also on cloudy days. In addition, it is possible that the rays pass through glass, for this reason should be applied even to work in offices. According to the dermatologist, until the floodlights as the computer can damage the skin.

2. Who wants to ‘pick a color’ you should use tanning lotion after sun cream

MYTH. according To Jussara, the tanners have functions to speed up and facilitate the entry of the sun’s rays on the skin, causing the individual to become tan. “As the UVA and UVB rays are highly carcinogenic, no type of tanning is recommended”, alert the dermatologist.

3. People with the black skin should also wear sunscreen

the TRUTH. black people have a crucial factor in the skin, the melanin. This substance helps keep the skin protected from ultraviolet rays, but the epidermis is not fully protected. In this way, those who want to take care of the health of the dark skin must use sunscreen factor 30 or more.

4. I can pass the sunscreen and then take a dive

MYTH. “Take a dip soon after you pass the product may cause it to lose the effect”, explains Jussara. For her, it is recommended that you read and follow the guidelines of each product, but in general it is necessary to apply the protector between 10 and 15 minutes before the dive or be exposed to the sun.

5. It is necessary to reapply the sunscreen after a dip or sweat a lot

the TRUTH. “An effective product for the protection of burns should have 30 FPS, at a minimum, and be reapplied every 2 hours, or after each dive, or excessive sweating”, which terminates the dermatologist.