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Exercises that More Burn Calories

it is Not necessary to sacrifice in order to burn calories, and lots of activities help you get in shape with fun and dynamism.

The academies invest in differentiated instruction to please the audience that is not adapted to traditional activities.

The choice of types exercise you must consider the pleasure, to bring relaxation and relaxation.

There are many physical activities interesting that more burn calories.

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The crossfit presents the class with physical exercise to lose weight timed, with the aid to work all muscles, with greater physical fitness; for an hour of crossfit are lost from 650 to 680 calories.

The spinning is surrounded by songs stimulants, to pedal on a bicycle that does not move, with simulations of climbing and speed; it is considered a popular and demanding, with up to 600 calories per hour.

pole dance is sensual, but the sport became the sport and assists with definition of the muscles and slimming, with 550 calories lost per class.

zumba is very popular currently, with choreography fun and easy, in many rhythms, to burn up to 520 calories for each lesson; an excellent option for fun, for dance and body movement.

The bicycle is common for gyms, and this activity helps to dry out if held in great intensity. For a time are 500 calories eliminated.

The race on the street or treadmill is highly recommended; the intense can eliminate up to 450 calories per hour, with improvement of physical conditioning, and pneuzinhos dried.

The circuits that combine aerobic activities and weight training are dynamic and eliminate up to 450 calories per hour.

The slackline is physical exercise and health in the open air, and consists of balancing on top of a tape; for a time it is possible to spend 420 calories, and the slackline assists in the definition of the abdomen.

swimming is an activity the complete working of many parts of the body, with caloric expenditure 380 to 420 calories for each hour, and in the summer very suitable. The walk is lighter, without major impacts.

The tip is to walk to individuals who want to start physical activity in a peaceful way, as they are 300 calories burned per hour.

volleyball is a sport with very caloric expenditure, with 420 calories for each hour. It is defined abdomen, and arms, but you need to be careful with injury by the fingers of the hands.

The boxing in addition to being interesting, enables you to burn up to 660 calories with the workout, and the arms are defined.

it Is encouraged the spirit of a champion and the muscles of the arms are shaped; the preparation is required, and the punches are held in bags.

>> Which Apparatus the Academy More Burn Calories?

Cardio Wave

The feeling is the same to be skiing or skating.

Cross Trainer

The equipment simulates the movements of the race, with the advantage of having no impact on the joints.

recumbent Stationary

The recumbent stationary, as it is called, is comfortable, since the column is completely supported by the backrest, avoiding future pain or back injuries.


it Has the same engine as the cross trainer. Only that, in it, the arms are static.


Imagine climbing up stairs without getting out of the place.

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