The herbs only make the dish more tasty, but they contain nutrients that help in weight loss.

This plant-based diet is very beneficial, and with it you do not need to count calories.

The types of weeds have special powers and are used as medicinal plants for thousands of years.

however, recently, scholars have discovered a special effect of the herbs: they contain a substance vegetable (flavonoids) that help you lose weight and stay slim.

based on this knowledge, the practitioner with a specialization in herbal medicine Melissa Wagner, developed a recipe with the herbs very tasty that will help you to stay healthy and lean.

In his work, there are no rigid rules, just a guide, so that you can lose excess weight without major problems.

How is the diet of the herbs

As the herbs help us to fight against excess pounds, what are your secret weapons?

They have substances bitter that influence the metabolism, make the digestion slower, so it neutralizes the cravings and also help to reduce cholesterol levels.

they Are known at least 34 herbs emagrecedoras and spices that help in weight loss, among them are: nettle, watercress, levistico and cinnamon.

The example of the nettle

Each one has components that help with weight loss; nettle aids in digestion and stimulates the metabolism.

in addition, it contains high-quality protein that facilitates weight loss. Its mineral content is of the nettle herb basic.

many Recipes with herbs

However, the plant-based diet offers but so much more than just a tea or seasoning to the boiled potatoes.

there Are many delicious recipes for the morning, afternoon and night that show how easy it is to integrate the herbal slimming in the kitchen and use them every day.

And you can also prepare smoothies green.

Tips diet for each day

however, not only are the recipes and herbal medicine that will help. The diet gives many practical tips on how someone can analyze your relationship with food and nutrition, and improve your health.

Here are some suggestions:

always Drink something else in addition to their headquarters. Mineral water or tea of herbs seasonings and spices without sugar.

Combine always a food more difficult with other more easy to be digested. That is, you can eat meat with salad, but should not combine the meat with noodles or potatoes.

to carry out physical exercises or brushing your teeth helps to control cravings for sweets.

Wanting a sweet? You can eat a bar small chocolate bitter, it contains the same amount of flavonoids of the six apples.

Pros and cons of the diet of the herbs

With the plant-based diet you can stay healthy.

Studies have shown that many people have lost almost four pounds in six weeks, only eating foods such as vegetables and herbs combined with the bitter compounds, without the need to count calories.

With that, the success of this diet is total, because in most of the times its effects are permanent, avoiding the well-known and dreaded yo-yo effect.

Another advantage to the diet of herbs, is that the food is fresh, healthy and very digestive.

Who always maintains the plant-based diet, using them in a daily meal, is doing a lot for your health and for your weight loss.

The problem with this diet is that you will need daily fresh products for cooking, which is sometimes a bit difficult.

If you want to make sure you are eating sustainably and with quality, must be based according to these principles.

The dinner the opposite 2.0, which is proposed by Melissa Wagner, has not yet been proven.

obesity is a global epidemic and also the result of the fast-foods and ready meals in the microwave oven.

bottom Line: The plant-based diet is something for anyone who likes to eat and wants to stay slim without counting the calories.

The recipes are balanced and provide the long-term healthy eating and very tasty.