Enjoy all the benefits of vegetables by preparing a delicious souflé

Simply just talk about vegetables to see a lot of people cheering the face to this amazing food. In addition to doing a damned good for the health, they are very tasty, especially for dishes that can be prepared from its use. At this point, what do you think of learn how to prepare a delicious souflè of vegetables?

Before heading to the kitchen get to know a little more about the benefits of including vegetables in your diet. The vegetables bring a lot of benefits for the proper functioning of the body. Be it child, teenager, adult or person of the third age. In addition to tasty, the vegetables are seen as the basis of human food.

The vegetables belong to the class of vegetables. These are plants simple, highly nutritious and versatile, low in fat, no cholesterol, rich in minerals and proteins. On the menu food, they are seen as the best way to preserve your health and prevent the onset of some diseases.

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health Benefits

Up to now, already gave to realize that you do not consume vegetables can pose a serious risk to the health of the people. On the other hand, consuming them helps to keep people more healthy, since they tone up the digestive system, prevent problems such as constipation, irregularity of the bowel, colon cancer, high blood pressure, and polyps.

The benefits brought by the vegetables to human health does not stop there. It is through them that the body can stay hydrated, reduce the appearance of heart disease and to interfere directly in the natural oxidation of the cells, causing them to delay ageing.

In the recipe that you see below the carrots, chayote and tomato appear as star of the dish. The carrot is rich in vitamin complexes A, B, C, and K, acid pantotênica, folic acid, iron, potassium, copper and manganese. So they can be used to control blood pressure, prevent heart disease, against the muscle degeneration and to the benefit of vision.

Already the chayote is rich in nutrients that help prevent osteoporosis, combat the anaemia and the free radicals, strengthens the immune system, in addition to keeping the metabolism active. While the tomato fight cardiovascular disease, helps prevent cataracts and reduces fluid retention.

Souflè vegetables


– 2 tomatoes without peel and seeds;
– 2 carrots medium-sized;
– 1 chayote;
– 1 onion;
– 1 spoon (soup) margarine;
– 3 spoons (soup) of wheat flour;
– 2 eggs;
– 2 spoons (soup) of milk;
– 1 spoon (soup) of yeast;
– 50 g of grated cheese;
– 50 g of cold cuts of your preference;
– 50 g cheese dish (in small cubes);
– Salt, black pepper, parsley, dried to taste.

Mode of prepare

Higienize well the vegetables under running water, then peel them. The next step in the preparation of the dish is grating the carrots, chayote and onion. Already the tomatoes and cold, cut them into larger pieces. Separate the egg yolks from clear, and hit the latter in point of snow.

In the mixer place the egg yolks, the margarine and the milk. Gradually, add the flour, followed by salt, pepper and parsley, dried to taste. Then add the vegetables grated and stir slowly. Then, add gently the egg whites and stir very slowly. Lastly, add the yeast and mix.

Grab a glass refractory greased and enfarinhado. Place the whole mass, and, finally, sprinkle the grated cheese over the top. Light the fire to bake for approximately 30 minutes in medium oven. The ideal point to remove the dish from the oven is until it becomes well browned.