Put an end to hair loss with this recipe

according To the World Health Organization (WHO), 50% of men in the world have problem with baldness up to 50 years of age. This is because, this problem is directly linked to the male hormone, testosterone.

But, even that the baldness is a disorder that reaches predominantly the male sex, it can also affect some women, considering that women also produce testosterone but in a smaller amount.

According to the Brazilian Society for the Study of the Hair (SBEC), there are 42 million brazilians experiencing this problem. For being a cosmetic issue, hair loss may bother the people who presents it, so there are several treatments to reverse such a situation.

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In general, the procedures that prevent the fall of the hair are expensive and not all people who need can pay. Thus, the fitoterapeuta naturopath, André Resende, teaches you how to make a natural extract to avoid baldness. The treatment is simple and to do it you just have to buy some ingredients.

Recipe of the extract for hair


  • 100 ml de extrato de ginseng
  • 100 ml de extrato de avenca;
  • 100 ml de extrato de amora;
  • 100 ml de extrato de quina quina;
  • 100 ml de extrato de aloe vera (babosa);
  • 100 ml de extrato de jaborandi;
  • 100 ml de extrato de juá.

Way to prepare and use

Take a glass container that has a lid and add all the extracts in the same order as listed previously. Each item added, stir the substances to which they may be homogeneous.

Once all the ingredients are added, take a cotton pad and soaking it in the extract, pass the solution on the scalp every morning. After a certain time of treatment, you will notice the difference.

After you use the extract, cover the leftovers and store the container in the fridge. This way, you avoid that the substance is bad with the heat of the environment.