Effectiveness of olive oil is proven in scientific research

olive oil is an ingredient that is present in our cuisine for millennia. It is a great way to keep the food tasty and more healthy. And using about 30 ml of olive oil per day, it can help fight diseases such as cancer.

in Addition to the cancer, it can also prevent problems such as osteoporosis, decrease the risk of depression, it is an excellent anti-inflammatory, combats Alzheimer’s, leaves a stronger immune system, protects against rheumatic diseases, cataracts and other eye problems, keeps skin and hair beautiful and still lose weight.

Benefits proven scientifically

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A survey conducted by the University Hospital of Copenhagen, in Denmark has proved that people consuming at least a tablespoon of olive oil per day, have lower levels of a substance that weakens the cells of the body, and have the immunity higher.

The researchers also confirmed that the olive oil helps to prevent the propagation of free radicals, acting against the increase of the tumors.

Olive oil: an important ally in the fight against cancer

There is a gene called Her-2/neu which is present in 20% of cases of breast cancer. The research pointed out that the oleic acid present in olive oil, helps to reduce significantly this gene. And still increases the potency of the drug used to combat this problem.

Also according to the research, the consumption of olive oil may be one of the major responsible for the low incidence of cancer overall in mediterranean countries. The daily consumption of extra virgin olive oil, provides a load to the antioxidant to the body which helps reduce the oxidation by the annulment of the peroxidação of lipids, which is what causes coronary heart disease and cancer.