Eating fried food is bad for health! See 4 reasons to stop this habit

The frying are already known by the evil that you do to to health, but, still, it is difficult to take them out of our lives.

And the harm that this type of food brings go far beyond damage is only aesthetic; the excessive consumption of frying can cause cardiovascular disease, insulin resistance, and poor absorption of nutrients.

To try to raise awareness even more about the harms of consumption of fried foods and try to contribute to people to decrease the consumption of food, the nutritionist Cyntia Maureen listed the main damage of frying for health.

dangers of fried food

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1 – Prune cause diabetes

According to the expert, the consumption of fried foods lead to resistance of insulin, the hormone in charge of controlling the rates of glucose in the blood.

“The resistance insulin is when the insulin that circulates in the blood does not exert its activity fully. The main consequences are tiredness, malaise, headaches, lack of energy and, in some cases, the development of diabetes,” he says.

2 – Increases the chances of cardiovascular disease

Even if you seek to use the oils more healthy, when they are subjected to high temperatures, have their chemical characteristics are changed and are transformed into saturated fat, which can accumulate in the blood vessels and clog the arteries.

“This accumulation blocks the passage of blood to the heart, which can cause a heart attack or a STROKE (Cerebral Vascular Accident), in case the blood is prevented from reaching the brain,” he explains.

in addition, independent of the oil being of vegetable or animal origin, when the food is placed in high temperature, also dehydrates and loses nutrients, especially antioxidant substances such as vitamins.

3 – those Who want to lose weight should exclude fried foods

frying is the main enemy of a diet with low caloric value. “In addition to the danger to the health, the accumulation of abdominal fat and weight gain are consequences of following a menu that prioritizes the ingestion of options to fried,” observes Cyntia.

4 – Contributes to the aging

The fried foods have high levels of saturated fat, a factor that has contributed to the increased production of free radicals in the body. “The big problem is that the release of excessive free radicals cause a phenomenon known as oxidative stress, which is linked to ageing,” concludes the expert.