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How to prepare rosemary focaccia

The focaccia is a delicious alternative to the classic pizza, it is thicker and soft, thanks all’ the addition of potatoes in the’ dough, and easily done at home. The classic focaccia which is prepared is that rosemary, very easy to make and perfect for a casual dinner or for a tasty snack. If you also then you want to prepare it, see how to prepare rosemary focaccia:

to prepare 1 pan of rosemary focaccia for 4 persons you will need 400 g. durum wheat semolina, 50 g. baker’s yeast, 600 g. type 0 flour, a pinch of salt, about 200 ml of extra virgin olive oil, 600 ml of water, 200 g. potato and rosemary q. b.

After you have prepared all l’ need to prepare your delicious focaccia begin well as the preparation by boiling the potatoes and pelandole, then mash in a potato masher and transfer them into a bowl, then add the 2 flours, sift, then add the salt, yeast dissolved in a small portion of water provided for by the recipe, begin kneading and gradually add the remaining water and knead the mixture until it separates from the walls, at this point, grease well for all the dough with oil and set the baking pan on which the able to support, and let rise for 2-3 hours.

after this time, resume the dough and roll it out, helping you out with your fingers on the inside of the pan, if necessary adding a drop of oil, so if you prefer, you can begin to season the focaccia, maybe with some salt and rosemary and bake in a preheated oven and cook for 20 minutes at maximum power, regolandovi yourself for cooking.


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