Eat 3 whole eggs a day brings health benefits? Learn why

The egg has long had as a major villain for the healthy life. But the truth is that eating the food every day brings countless benefits to the body.

however, consume egg every day in addition to help improve the performance of the body, brings a great protection to the bones, hair and nails. Only the yolk has over 90% of calcium and iron, and the clear contains almost half the protein of the egg.

Great for those who want to lose weight the healthy way, the eggs have the ability to promote the feeling of satiety. The food has an index of satiety 50% larger than breakfast cereals, for example.

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Foods to combine with eggs

it Is interesting to combine the intake of food with the consumption of a fruit juice, preferably orange. This will compensate for the lack of vitamin C, since it is the only nutrient that is missing in the egg.

daily consumption of food also helps protect the eyes from problems like cataracts.

A good intake of eggs, combined with spinach and broccoli, help to reduce, significantly, cataracts and other diseases associated with aging and the degeneration of the retina, the leading cause of blindness in the elderly.

Eggs benefit the brain, especially of fetuses

choline is a nutrient that benefits the heart, muscles, brain and liver. It is also essential for pregnant women because, it is in this phase that the baby’s brain is being formed, and the hill is needed for this to occur. It is in the egg that pregnant women will find 28% of the hill that they need in their diet.

Eating eggs every day does not increase cholesterol

A survey published by the BBC showed a 1999 study at Harvard University, which examined 115 thousand people for a decade. The scientists concluded that eating an egg daily has no relation with the increase of cholesterol in the blood.

“For those who already have high cholesterol levels in the blood, it is best to limit egg consumption to two or three per week”, said the BBC World nutritionist Margaret Brown.