Don’t neglect the skin in the travel of the end of the year. Expert gives tips

With the arrival of the holiday season and the time most prone to high temperatures, it is common that some people forget daily tasks that maintain the health and beauty of skin. The excitement causes many people to close their eyes to some of the care essential to maintain the health of the skin.

Some of the abuses in power and fotoexposição are the most common and can cause damage to the skin, mainly by committing the fibers of collagen and elastin. This can result in the appearance of wrinkles and sagging early, in addition to the stains. To avoid the damage, the analogues of Mika Yamaguchi explains how to protect yourself.

Tips for skin care

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Be aware of the following tips. By following them you will keep your skin always looking healthy.

excessive power

Sweets and carbs are the big villains of this season, because if they turn into sugar in the body. “sugar in excess, binds the protein, especially the collagen; when this binding occurs, it modifies the structure of collagen that loses its initial configuration. This process causes wrinkles and yellowing of the skin”, explains the pharmaceutical. In this way, the food must be healthy and without exaggeration caloric.


The beer and other alcoholic beverages leave the skin dry and dull. To metabolise the alcohol ingested, the body will seek water. If not, he shall have recourse to the peripheral tissues such as vital organs – the water to do its work. “This ‘theft’ of water will certainly leave the skin less moisturized and prone to dryness and flaking”, explains Mika.

Wrinkles in the skin can occur after a long period of alcohol abuse because the water in the body and skin is continually evaporated. The ideal is to consume a lot of water, coconut water drinks, sports drinks, or juices and bet on the ingredients that keep a reservoir of water in the skin.


The optimal time for a tanning healthy is up to 10am and after 16h. Outside of these times, it is essential to protect them, applying a layer of the appropriate sunscreen every two hours. Ingredients antioxidants are also recommended to enhance the action of protection.

“These ingredients must be present in a cream that should be applied before sunscreen, which must have a high sun protection with ingredients blockers like titanium dioxide”, explains the expert.

Rotina care

Mainly, for those who will travel, the routine of skin care can’t be forgotten: cleaning, toning, moisturizing, and photoprotection are rules. “multi-functional Products can help. In addition to moisturizing, they even the skin tone, fight aging, and have some other characteristic depending on the age and the audience for which it is being directed”, says Mika.

More care than help

Mika Yamaguchi points out that a good night’s sleep is of paramount importance. “The ideal is to have at least six hours of good sleep daily. Keep your room cool, dark and comfortable”, explains. If you go to the beach, it is important to take care with fungi and bacteria, so care with hygiene must be redoubled.