Do you know what is YOUR TRUTH? Do you live it?

to Be honest with ourselves and recognize what is our “truth” it requires a lot of courage. And it is to be what others want us to be we find it more comfortable to fit in, both in our professional life, social and even within our own family…but, how far can we be fooling ourselves?

The society in which we live has been commissioned to create a model of what we should do and stop doing in order to be treated as “right people”. We have at our disposal a whole decalogue of good behavior and of how they should happen the facts in our life: the time to devote to the study, the work, the age at which he should find a steady partner, get married, have children, lead a protocol appropriate social, etc, etc…

But it turns out that a lot of these social conventions, and the many attitudes and actions that are expected of you, many times do not correspond with what you really want for your life and… friend, here we have a problem! If you choose to live your life your way, without following the social commitments, ignoring the “tips” that seem more like sentences and carrying your own rhythm of life in order to reach your happiness, you will certainly have to confront the negative comments of those who think that you are out of place and not you fit into what they want you to be.

take it for granted that it is possible to prepend the obligations, and then follow your dreams, it is a fantasy that leads nowhere to create a life of unhappiness disguised. At first glance, it seems like the decision more easy and successful, but is no more than a bad investment of your time and energy, both short-and long-term.

This way of acting, in that you give more importance to the wishes of others and to mark an ” I ” that fits with what is expected of you, will take you farther and farther away from the authenticity, live your truth and be happy in it.

But don’t get bogged down, it is never too late to start living your life your way and be true to yourself.

Here you have some tips for you to start living your truth:

1.- Find the balance

along the life you’ll spend for various situations, you’ll have moments of joy, satisfaction and others of disappointment, pain, tears, etc, you Must know who you are and where you are at this moment and where you want to go, regardless of what happens around you. You are your base, you must anchor yourself on your own person and not to the events as a passenger. Confront each situation, whether positive or negative, with a broader vision and successful that if you just do what comes from the outside.

2.- I know your other half, your own add-in

When you are true to yourself you feel whole and complete, you need to seek out another person to fulfill the role of “stuffing” to your glass. Discover who you are, and loves this way of being and seeing the world. As you are able to love, and to feel comfortable alone with you, you’ll be able to accept the presence of another person in your life without the award of the full control of your happiness at your presence. In the moment that you feel the fullness, you live your truth and you will share.

3.- Authenticate

Be true to yourself you need your main source of validation comes from you. The external validation is a support, yes, we all need a positive feedback that gives us satisfaction but you must not, under any circumstances, deposit on those around you all of the measures that you value yourself. Get your own vision of how vouchers, no one better than yourself can give meaning to your being. It starts to feel good with yourself.

4.- Express your truth without blame

you may Not fall well to all over the world, that you must know, so don’t be afraid to be honest and truthful to the time to say what you feel and think. The more sincere you are with others and with yourself, the better will be the communication with those around you, and you’ll be able to check how to be just as you are, living your truth, you do not have to be synonymous with being alone, or not fit, on the contrary, those who know you without the masks of social conventions, they will know to accept your way of being and you will appreciate it for what it really is you carry in your interior. Dare to be yourself and don’t feel guilty by hurting the tenderness of others, people are used to acting as they expect, but you’re different-enjoy!

If you take these simple tips as part of your life, you will be able to find your truth and be faithful to her. Who will know better than yourself what are your desires, dreams and illusions? Listen, you know your inner self and live as you would live. The time passes very quickly as to lose it by acting in the great theatre of society.