Do you find Cataflam Emulgel

the package insert of the medicine Cataflam Emulgel. Therapeutic class of Analgesic, Anti-inflammatory andAntipyretics. Active principles Diclofenac Dietilamônio.

what For?

Cataflam Emugel is indicated for the relief of inflammation, swelling and pain in the treatment of sprains, injuries, bruises, sprains, stiff neck, back pain, muscle pain, pain, post-traumatic tendonitis, from tennis elbow, bursitis, injuries caused by sports and in the treatment of arthritis lightweight on the knees and fingers in adults.


How it works?

Cataflam Emugel is a medicine that has in its composition Diclofenac Dietilamônio, a compound with analgesic properties, anti-inflammatory and antipyretic. Cataflam Emugel is so effective against pain, inflammation and swelling, decreasing the recovery time and the time to return to normal activities. In addition, due to its aqueous-alcoholic gel also exerts a soothing effect and refreshing on the skin.


How to use?

Cataflam Emulgel should be applied over the open sores or inflamed, 3 to 4 times per day, massaging lightly the place for a few minutes, and washing hands after each application. The dose of Gel applied varies according to the severity and extent of the area affected, and may vary between 2 and 4 g of gel.

The treatment with Cataflam Emulgel should never exceed 14 consecutive days for the treatment of inflammations of the soft tissue or rheumatism, or 21 consecutive days for the treatment of arthritis. In addition, the treatment should never be prolonged for more than 1 week without medical supervision.

Side Effects

What are the evils that can cause me?

Some of the side effects of Cataflam Emulgel can include itching, redness, swelling or blisters in the region of the skin in treatment, urticaria generalised on the skin, difficulty breathing or swelling of your face


When should I not use?

Cataflam Emulgel is contraindicated for children under 14 years of age, patients with allergy to Diclofenac Dietilamônio, some other anti-inflammatory non-steroidal such as aspirin or ibuprofen or to other components of the formula, and for patients with a history of allergy to propylene glycol or isopropyl alcohol.

Warnings and Precautions

what should I know before using?

Before using Cataflam Emulgel, you should talk with your doctor if you are pregnant or nursing.

Cataflam Emulgel should only be applied on the skin without wounds or abrasions, open, never should be applied on broken skin. In addition, this gel is only for topical use, is not being recommended its ingestion or administration in the mouth or vagina.


what to do if someone use a larger amount than is recommended?

Cataflam Emulgel is a medicine for topic use, and why the superdose with this product is very unlikely. However, in case of accidental ingestion, you should go to the nearest hospital, taking the packaging or package insert for the drug.