Don’t throw away the peels of the pineapple. Make jelly with them

In our day-to-day life, sometimes we have actions so mechanical that we ended up not giving us an account of what we are doing. One of these problems is food waste. Who never stopped eating and threw away that banana that was ripe, too, for example?

Fortunately, fruits are foods extremely versatile. Is it possible to do everything not only with the edible part of them, as also with the other parts that are normally discarded, such as peels and seeds.

What about learning to not waste any more of the pineapple, using its bark for some purpose culinary? The Fitorepeuta Narutopata, André Resende, gives the recipe of a delicious jelly from the peel of pineapple that will give still more flavor to your breakfast and snacks. Check out the recipe and the benefits that its main ingredient brings the following:

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Benefits of pineapple

Known for aiding in weight loss, the pineapple is rich in fiber and contains a lot of water, which allows the sensation of satiety for a much longer time. Another factor that also contributes to that it is beneficial for slimming is the your low-calorie, since about 100 grams of the fruit has little more than 50 calories.

another benefit of pineapple is the fact that it facilitate the digestion. This is thanks to an enzyme present in the same call of bromelain, which facilitates the breakdown of proteins, which are macromolecules present in food of animal origin. This same enzyme also has anti-inflammatory properties, which helps to relieve and even stop the pain of injury and pain in the joints.

The large content of vitamin C present in the fruit helps to fight from colds to cancer, as this vitamin has antioxidant power and helps fight the free radicals, that are the main causative agents of this disease.

Recipe jelly, peel a pineapple


-the Bark of a pineapple;
-1 liter of water;
-2 lemons;
-1 cup of sweetener in culinary or crystal sugar.

Mode of prepare

Put the shells and water in a saucepan and bring to the fire for 15 minutes, then remove from heat and let cool. Then sift the mixture, apart from the residual solids that are left in the shell.

With the two lemons, make a juice and mix with sugar or sweetener. Put everything back in the pan and put in the fire until the mixture acquires the point of jelly. To know the right point of the jelly, take a tablespoon and arrange on a plate. Then pass the finger by cutting it in half. The jelly should be consistent enough for a side not to join the other. After this let it cool again and store in a glass container, sterilized.

Tip: To sterilize a container, simply wash it using neutral detergent and hot water. The ideal is to not wipe, and yes leave the pot upside down on top of a surface that absorbs water, such as a paper towel.

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