Do not make any mistakes when buying tomato. Find out how to pick this fruit

usually Used as the main ingredient of salads and sauces, the tomato is a fruit that has many peculiarities. In addition to doing very well the health, it also gives that special touch in the preparation of some dishes.

But to choose the fruit you need to have a lot of attention, as the time of maturation will depend on the use.

Buying the tomato: choose the right

to Be in the street fairs, supermarkets or hortifrútis, how to choose and buy the tomato is the same. You should halt the details of the conservation, appearance and also the touch to choose from the fruit ideal for what you are wanting to prepare. So, pay attention to the following guidelines:

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Typically used in the preparation of sauces, the tomato has to be well mature, or, as some people prefer, vermelhinho to the extreme. But, pay attention! They should be firm when lightly apalpados. At this point also pay attention if the skin of the fruit is smooth and viscous, with no signs of spots or bruises.

Already in the preparation of salads, prefer the tomato-less red, more drawn to the orange. Note if the color of the fruit is entirely uniform, or if you are free of evidence of insects, such as small holes. For those who prefer the more green, do not disregard the care shown above.

Benefits of tomatoes

Once you know the correct way to choose a tomato for every type of dish, the time has come to understand how beneficial for the health is the consumption, in addition to the pleasure that it can bring to the palate.

The tomato is a fruit rich in lycopene, an agent, an antioxidant and anticancerígeno involved in the chain reactions of the molecules of free radicals. It reduces the risk of cancer of the pancreas, cervix, and prostate, in addition to protecting the body from bacterial infections, disorders of the digestive tract, and lung.

tomatoes also have antiseptic effect in the body, neutralizing acid waste, has large quantities of vitamins A, B, and C, folic acid, potassium and calcium. Contrary to what happens with other substances, when boiled, the tomato increases the bioavailability of the lycopene, enhancing its absorption by the body.

in Addition to all these benefits, tomatoes also have your employee use in the beauty industry, entering in the composition of various creams and lotions, since it reduces the burns of the face and restores the acidity.