Don’t quit your diet! How to stay healthy in the holidays of the end of the year

With the arrival of christmas and new year also comes the renewal of the targets and the hope of a new life. One of the first “promises of New Year” that most people make is to lose weight.

But how to lose weight with all the parties, social gathering, Christmas dinner and the many temptations that this season offers?

No need to lock yourself in the house, avoid the year-end party in the office or as little to cancel the supper. Also do not go “ ” kick the bucket” and leave to compensate for all these lapses in the next year. Small actions can be taken to take advantage of all that this time of year brings.

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How they behave

To keep the focus with all these temptations that appear, pay attention to some tips. They will help you to behave in the parties.

healthy Food

In the feasts of celebration, opt for healthy food, like salads, fruits and whole foods. If the party is in a restaurant, look for dishes without sauces, the basis of cheese, sour cream or mayonnaise and dispense the rest of the garbage. At the buffet, eat lots of salad and choice of cooked vegetables, lean meats grilled rice or pasta integral.

Diversify the menu

On the grill, eggplant and zucchini are great grilled! Merge slices of bell pepper, tomato and slices of onion on the skewers and for dessert, pineapple and baked banana baked with cinnamon. You can still adapt the salad mayonnaise by substituting the mayonnaise for plain yogurt and increase the farofa using shredded carrots and cabbage, sliced as well thin.


Avoid the desserts of creamy milk, condensed milk or whipped cream and you prefer fresh fruit or baked goods, nuts, and French toast made in the oven. If you don’t find any of these options, you do not need to pass will: choose a dessert and try a small portion or split it with a friend.

alcoholic Beverage

do Not overdo it in the alcoholic beverages. Drink one or two glasses of wine or sparkling and always prefer water or fruit juices.

setting up a supper healthy

Is it possible to mount a Christmas meal or New Year without committing excesses. To do this, simply replace some of the smart in the preparation of dishes and to opt for natural foods in place of the industrialized world.

Varieties healthy

Start by assembling the table using a variety of fruits fresh or dried, nuts, roasted chestnuts, folders, healthy, white cheese seasoned and toast bread. The more colorful and varied, more attractive to your guests.

Cortes magros

At the time of choosing the main dish for supper, opt for cuts lean meat, such as breast roasted chicken or turkey without the skin and replace the tender for the tenderloin roast. Use slices of pineapple, figs and plums as decoration.


Salads with sauces on the basis of herbs, brown rice with vegetables, roasted vegetables, farofa (manioc flour with carrots in place of the farofa bacon will combine very well with the line of supper healthy.


Replace the bolinho de bacalhau, for salads with cod chips and beans, like kidney beans black eye peas or chickpeas. Cod baked in the oven with tomato slices, onion and pepper will also do successfully.


instead of opting for alcoholic beverages, place a bet on the flavoured water. To prepare it you can use water with gas, plenty of ice, lemon slices and mint leaves. You can also make a delicious fruit punch by replacing the wine with grape juice or apple and add fresh fruits like strawberry, kiwi and apple cut into cubes.


For dessert, pear baked with wine, ice-creams, fruit and French toast from the oven are great options.