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losing weight is the dream of many people, or even to lose only some extra pounds already this good.

There are various methods to lose weight go to a gym at least 3 times a week, take daily walks, Pilates, or even lymphatic drainage.

More just following a gym or do a drain will not do the miracle if you do not take care of their food. A nutritional education and choose the diet to lose belly right that best fits your day-to-day.

As people really want to face head-on the problem of excess weight, you will see that it is easier to gain weight than to eliminate fat.

this is a problem that all pass because as we are growing older the need to consume calories decreases because we lose a part of the musculature with the passing of the years.

So we need to eat fewer calories to maintain our body functioning correctly, not many people know this, and continue to comment as before, this can be one of the reasons the weight gain from one time to another.

Another thing that you have to keep in mind is that it is not enough to make a healthy diet a week and then go back to old habits of poor food choices that I had before starting a diet.

Because there is the regime of the magic that the person can eat as he ate before will not return to the weight before, many times the effect of io-io post-diet is more dangerous than a diet to lose weight menu the fashion for example.

So keep in mind that the control of that if you come to a satisfactory result has to be long term and not only in the period of the diet to lose weight.

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Below we have separated a few days that can help you even after you finish the diet to lose weight:

Many leaves in the salad even better if the green is very dark as kale, arugula in the watercress and spinach in addition to fiber they have 3 substances is able to control the celebrate.

the 1st B Vitamin that better state of mood;

2nd Magnesium that speech leave your celebrate to be calm in making decisions;

3 Acid folido that is a vitamin antidepressant.

Fruit with low calories – the fruit down if eaten in the right amount, went out to hunger for up to 2 hours:

2 unid. Plums: 80 calories

12 pcs. Strawberries: 95 calories

1 unit. Pera: 70 calories

2 unid.Tangerine or tangerine: calories 40

1 unit Guava large: 98 calories

All of these fruits have lots of water and soluble fiber, soluble fiber turns into a gel in our body, this gel retains the sugar that comes slowly to our body with this you will feel less hunger.

Eat barrinha de cereal makes you lose weight?

Has links to all the tastes, the base of which is cereal, wheat, flakes of rice and some honey and fruit.

the More you think that they are really nutritious, in fact they are rich in carbohydrates that good to replace Bread, a bowl of rice.

She can satiate their hunger for at least 30-40 minutes.

And exchange a meal for a cereal bar is healthy, in fact would not be sufficient, because it is rich only in carbohydrate and for a meal to be complete is indicated to have the most nutrients.

It can replace a snack between the main meals, more without exaggeration always possible to switch barrinha de cereal and a fruit for example.

Drinking cold water makes you lose weight?

Yes. This process is called thermogenesis, it generates an increase in the consumption of energy, thus helping to promote the burning of calories.

Eat every three hours lose weight?

Yes. Because with this you will speed up your metabolism and will feel satisfied for longer and you will lose weight faster.

Keep in mind to eat six meals per day is enough to help you lose weight.

Eating slowly makes you lose weight?

Unfortunately it is not yet scientifically proven more according to researchers, the act of eating slowly causes the body to produce a greater amount of the hormone of satiety, which leads any person to eat a smaller amount of food.


Increase your intake of fiber and your body will thank you. The fibers are good for the gut, help to lose weight and avoid bloating in the stomach. In addition, they prevent the onset of diseases.

The research showed that the regular intake and the maximum fiber can reduce the risk of heart disease and colon cancer. For the adults, the Health

Canada recommends a daily dose of 25 to 30 grams.

Remember-if you drink water to hydrate and facilitate the movement of fiber in your body.

We did a little research on the supermarket shelves to find the products that bring you the most fiber.

1 – crackers, rice

The rice cracker and sesame Christie is a snack low calorie: 21 crackers that are 90 calories, but 100 grams of fiber. Hum! Surely you can do better.

instead, try the rice with sea salt and pepper to taste, which contains 2 grams of fiber and 90 calories in each serving of 21 crackers.

2 – Soups

A bowl of soup Campbell chicken and rice 250 ml contain only one gram of fiber and 80 calories.

Go ahead for a healthier option.

Replace the pea-a traditional soup from Quebec to Campbell, whose yellow peas are rich in fiber. A cup contains 9 grams of fibre, but the calorie count goes to 190.

3 – fruit juices

The grape juice 100% Welch’s is filled with antioxidants, but contains only 1 g fiber and 180 calories per cup.

Why not try something else?

the nectar of The plum Welch to add flavor to a healthy breakfast and will help you start the day. A cup contains 4 grams of fiber and 170 calories. In addition, plums facilitate the intestinal transit.

4 – Popcorn in the microwave

Popcorn’s Gourmet Popping Orville Redenbacher flavor of nachos spicy contains 3 grams of fiber and 170 calories per half-bag of 42 g.

Popcorn Smart Pop! Flavor of butter, Orville Redenbacher has fewer calories and more fiber: 130 calories and 5 grams of fiber per half bag 40 g.

7 Ways to Fight Against the Swelling:

1 – Reduce salt

To reduce water retention and swelling, decrease the consumption of salt.

Beware of hidden sources of sodium. “Over 80% of our daily consumption of sodium is not from the salt shaker, but processed foods and packaged”.

2 – Drink more water

Make sure to drink plenty of water. Water will help your body eliminate the excess salt through the urine.

the Less your body will contain salt, you will be less swollen. Drink up to eight glasses of 250 ml of water per day.

3. Try a home remedy

Stir in a teaspoon of baking soda in your glass of water.

This solution neutralizes stomach acid and gas helps relieve and swelling.

Add a few drops of lemon juice to dispel the gas before it reaches your stomach.

4. Eat less, more often

Eat meals more often smaller (five times per day). Sit back and relax with each meal.

Eating slowly helps prevent the swelling and the pressure of the food to the stomach.

5. Cook with anise

In ancient Rome, at the end of a celebration full of excess, people were served cake with anise to help digestion and freshen the breath.

Anise is a digestive, aromatic, and a remedy that relieves digestive problems, reduces nausea, flatulence, and bloating.

Anise is good in soups with vegetables: Add the seeds or star anise in full when you fry the onion and the garlic.

You can also prepare the tea by pouring boiling water over the seeds lightly crushed. Drink a cup after dinner, whenever you feel bloated or have gas.

6 – Drink more tea with mint

mint Tea drinking to relieve flatulence and bloating. The tea with mint is also good for relieving nausea (without vomiting), to warm the body.

7. Master irritable bowel syndrome

Bloating is characteristic of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), as well as constipation , diarrhea, and abdominal pain. To reduce the abdominal discomfort, we should dominate the SCI.

To control symptoms, doctors recommend avoiding dairy products and fatty foods and include food with high fiber consumption.

The mint tea can also be prepared using fresh herbs from the garden.
In addition, mint is one of the easiest plants to culwin.

UPDATED: 07.06.17



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