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The beautiful entrepreneur and presenter Ana logo to images, at 31 years of age, revealed that handles the power without much issue: whether to allow candy once in a while and at the end of the week does not count calories prefer a good barbecue within the diet to lose weight.

Check out the tips and what she eats between a meal and have the 2 dishes that can’t be missed as the beautiful want to give you a fugidinha the menu traditional.

With approximately 10 pounds more than at the time that he was a model, is with the perfect body and full of curves, and to keep well prevents stay too long without eating anything, making small snacks during the day with yogurt and fruit.

lunch will sandwich, and the meal more complete occurs at night, when you dine with the husband in the diet to lose belly.

Looking fit always in your routine a little workout, but it does not dispense the same are the aesthetic treatments, such as lymphatic drainage, which prevents swelling and cellulite; current Russian, which gives more tone to your muscles; and a device called the Spectra, to tone the skin and combat sagging.

I Think that I would be fine with this diet menu, because you can eat a little bit at a time, avoiding to stay with that hunger crazy.

Need to organize myself to achieve this: eat more often during the day, in a healthy way.