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Simple Tips to Gain Muscle Mass

Every year, athletes of high school trying all kinds of crazy things like diets to gain muscle mass to get bigger, faster and stronger for their sports.

They take all kinds of supplements and strength training programs differ, however, many still do not gain weight.

So what you really need to put on muscle supplements to gain muscle mass?

Here are the three quick tips.

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1. Stop Doing so Much Cardio

Almost all athletes like to play sports more than lifting weights, so they spend a lot of time honing their skills in the field or on the court.

But if you want to put weight on your muscle mass, playing their sports for hours on end is probably not going to help.

Strength and endurance are competing directly against each other. Sports such as basketball and football are cardiovascular in nature, so if you are playing all the time, you’re facing a difficult battle, if your goal is to gain size.

research has shown that lifting weights simultaneously with cardio can have negative effects on the development of strength and muscle growth. This is because in order to perform, your body requires a certain amount of energy from food.

When you exercise for long periods of time and your body does not have enough energy of the nutrients that you consume, he pulls something else to get that energy.

what is something more? Often, it is the muscle and the bone. It is not good.

If you are serious about gaining weight, you have to take time away from playing and focus strictly on strength training. Take at least a couple of months to do any thing of the heavily cardiovascular in nature.

This means not playing sports for a period.

If you are a basketball player and wants to work on his shooting a little, this is OK.

If you are a football player and want to practice their skills of ball handling, not a problem.

Just make sure that such sessions are short and of low intensity.

Then, when you return to compete in your sport, you will be better, stronger and more prone to dominate the competition.

do Not listen to the coaches and parents who tell you to play your sport throughout the year will make you a superstar. And remember, exercising for hours is not going to win a medal of honor, but it will make you tired and weak.

2. Eat a Large Breakfast

If you want to gain weight, you gotta eat. Very. And it all starts with your first meal of the day.

according To a research conducted, they drink coffee only 36 percent of high school students. Say what? Almost two-thirds of students are not drinking coffee in the morning?

not only is This an obvious concern from the point of view of health, it is also a huge opportunity lost if you are trying to put on some size.

To gain weight, you need to be in a positive energy balance, that is, the amount of energy that the waves should not exceed the amount of energy you spend. And you probably need more food than you think.

Nutrition precision says physically active girls of 15 years of age need between 2.900 and 3.000 calories per day, while boys of 15 years are physically active between 3.500 and 3.600 calories per day.

And this is just to keep the muscles with foods to gain muscle mass fast. If you want to grow, you have to eat a lot of food, and it starts in the morning.

We’re not talking about one or two eggs. If you are serious about gaining muscle, you should eat between six and eight whole eggs, a cup of oatmeal mixed with berries and peanut butter and a glass of water.

Skip the cereal. They will not help you build muscle, but they will give you sugar an hour or two later.

3. Slow Down and Focus on the Way

You definitely need to move faster to compete at the highest level, but you will also notice that the athletes on the teams tend to be larger. And if you want to get bigger, you need to put on some muscle.

there is No doubt that the lifting of heavy loads in the bench press, squat and deadlift will take greater advantage, but this is not enough. To build muscle, you need to do more.

have You ever seen the guys in the weight room does not seem very happy, but pushing weight is very good, right? This is because they have improved the efficiency of their movements without actually increasing muscle size.

When you lift heavy weight, you are focused on the balance of the weight and tension is distributed throughout the body rather than on a particular muscle group. To speed up the muscle growth, you need to perform exercises in a controlled way.

Its large lift of the day, after you complete your exercises assistance with a tempo more slow, focusing on perfect form.

>> Full Body Workout Sample

The pace is listed after the exercises. The first number represents the negative part of the lift, the second indicates the length of the basement, and the third indicates the positive part of the movement.

1. Back Squat – 3 x 5

2a. Push-up-3 x 8 (3/0/1)

2B. Single arm row lateral-3 x 10 (3/1/1)

3a. Romanian Deadlift – 3 x 10 (3/0/1)

3B. Split Squat – side/3 x 8 (3/0/1)

>> 5 Ways to Build Muscle Fast

When most people think of building muscle and weight gain, seems like a long process with much work involved.

however, it is usually because people are not really of the best certainties and techniques to use or the latest research involved, which might speed up the process.

Let’s face it, it seems that we all want more definition in the legs, arms and abdomen.

I don’t remember a woman that does not like this line perfect, subtle, feminine biceps, or a man who does not want a big chest and arms.

however, as these results seemed almost impossible to achieve… Until recently.

Below are five simple ways to help build muscle and gain weight fast:

1. Eat Protein Before bed and before Work

Taking 20 grams of protein after working out and then again half an hour before bed, increases muscle growth naturally. Your body will work for you while you sleep!

it Is important to know that 20 grams of protein is equivalent to seven ounces of Greek yogurt. Does not like Greek yogurt? You can also get this protein by swallowing two large glasses of milk low fat! This is very simple!

2. Do Resistance Training Exercise

The most effective way to increase muscle strength and muscle mass in the legs is resistance training exercise.

endurance Exercise is generally done with free weights or weight machines, however, quick sprints on a cycle ergometer at high resistance can also obtain increases in strength and mass.

To ensure does not burn and power pack in weight resistance training, one study mentioned the importance of restoring glycogen depleted in your muscles by consuming carbohydrates (> 1 g / kg) and protein (> 10g) early after an exercise session.

3. Taking Creatine Supplements

To assist with training of resistance and get faster results, there are some supplements proven that have been known to help.

One of them is creatine, and when taken for several days, it has been shown to increase your body mass through water retention.

you can Also increase your ability to lift more weights in a performance of high-intensity, repetitive tasks of the ergometer.

it Is important to note that, although supplementation can increase strength gains made through training by a small margin, moderate, “trade off” is likely to be the best results when it comes to bulk.

4. Before Beginning, Make sure that your Intestines Are Clean.

sometimes, no matter how much you exercise or eat, if your organs are not functioning properly or is full of toxins, you can not achieve success.

This is because some athletes detoxification very smooth through teas in the morning or at lunch to help clear the toxins from your kidneys and reduce inflammation unwanted in their bodies.

There area few teas without caffeine, yummy, detoxification. A great recommendation that I make is called ultra thin Detox. It is 100% natural and contains only herbs.

it is Also known to help with skin problems and to the increase of energy. This is great to take in the morning when you wake up to start your day, and then you will get the maximum out of your training.

5. Supplements of Conjugated Linoleic Acid

You may be wondering what the heck is “conjugated linoleic acid” and how it is different from other supplements out there.

conjugated linoleic Acid (CLA) is really very important for human health and is a form slightly changed from the omega-6 fatty acid. It is derived from many foods that we eat, including meat and dairy products.

So what is so special about the CIA? Well, the supplementation of CLA has been shown to improve the lean mass to the ratio of fat in the body, decreasing fat deposition, especially in the abdomen, and enhancing muscle growth.

the CIA achieves this reaction by reducing body fat while improve insulin sensitivity so that fatty acids and glucose can pass through cell membranes of muscle and adipose tissue.

This results in a muscle that is improved to the ratio of fat.

A study out of Norway also had great results with the CIA. Specifically, the researchers were able to prove that CIA increases muscle mass.

The researchers studied a group of healthy men, but with excess weight, and women, who were given 1.7 g, 3.4 g, 5.1 g or 6.8 g CLA per day.

All groups showed significant reduction in body fat and an increase in the lean muscle mass, but this effect was more significant for the latter two groups.

Another amazing benefit that was found in this study was that all participants in the group showed a reduction in blood fat and cholesterol.

have You ever tried any of these techniques? Let us know how they worked for you.

do You have any other tip to increase muscle mass naturally? Feel free to leave them in the comments below.

>> Suggestion of the Menu to gain muscle mass:


Option 1: 1 glass of juice of melon, fennel and flaxseed, 1 toast full with folder hummus, 1 egg scrambled with cottage cheese, 1 cup of fruit salad.

Option 2: 1 cup of green juice (pear, apple, celery, kale), 1 French bread full with extra virgin olive oil, 1 cup yoghurt, beaten with 1 soup spoon of hydrolyzed collagen.

Option 3: 1 cup yogurt beaten with 1 soup spoon of hydrolyzed collagen, 2 cookies, whole grain, 1/2 sleeve.

Option 4: 2 scrambled eggs with cottage cheese, 1 glass of grape juice, 2 toast whole grain.

Morning Snack

Option 1: 3 prunes, 1 cup of mango juice.

Option 2: 1 banana with flaxseed.

Option 3: 1 cup of vitamin of milk with the avocado.

Option 4: 1 stick of 20 g of bitter chocolate (60% cocoa).


Option 1: 1 dish dessert salad of beet, carrot, and broccoli, 1 slotted spoon of brown rice, 1/2 ladle of beans, 1 piece of omelet with parsley, tomatoes and sesame seeds, 1 slice of pineapple in syrup.

Option 2: 1 slotted spoon rice,1 dessert plate salad of lettuce, cucumber and sesame seeds, 1/2 ladle of beans, 1 fillet of grilled chicken, 3 tablespoons of carrot with parsley, 1 cup cream of avocado.

Option 3: 1 set of grilled fish, the lemon, 1 plate dessert salad leaves, carrot and parsley, 1/2 slotted spoon rice, 1 ladle of beans, 1 set of grilled fish , 2 spoons of eggplant sautéed in olive oil, 1 sleeve.

Option 4: 1 dish dessert salad of red cabbage, 1 slotted spoon of brown rice, ½ each scoop of beans, 3 meatballs, soy, 2 tablespoons of chicory simmered, 1 crepe, full-the quiet strawberry.

Afternoon tea

Option 1: 1 glass of milk shake with banana.

Option 2: 1 glass of milk shake with strawberry.

Option 3: 1 glass of milk shake with apple, 1 slice of carrot cake.

Option 4: 1 cup of milk with papaya, 2 chocolate chip cookies.


Option 1: 1 bowl of vegetable soup, noodles and chicken, 1 toast with egg pochê, 1 pear roasted.

Option 2: 1 dish of noodle soup with chicken breast, carrot, parsley, watercress, garlic and onion, 1 toast with egg pochê, 1 apple.

Option 3: 1 dessert plate purple lettuce, carrot cooked and lemon-sicilian, 1 piece of omelette with vegetables (broccoli, parsley, tomato, sesame), 2 slices of pineapple in syrup.

Option 4: 1 dish of noodle soup with chicken and vegetables (zucchini, eggplant and carrot).


Option 1: A glass of grape juice with chia.

Option 2: ½ papaya with seed of chia.

Option 3: 1 slice of melon with 1 seed of chia.

Option 4: 1 cup of strawberries.

UPDATED: 05.06.17




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