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to be rich in water and fiber the pineapple is pointed to by the diet pineapple to lose weight as an ally of those who want to lose weight quickly.

The fruit has claims to aid digestion, help in the functioning of the intestine, promote satiety, prevent fluid retention, as well as act in the breakdown of fats of the foods helping to eliminate localized fat from the body.

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(VIDEO) New Diet the Fruit to Lose weight lose weight 8 Pounds in 10 Days

Pineapple calories:

100 grams has 56 calories.

During the course of the diet and vegetables such as cabbage, artichoke, scarlet eggplant, zucchini, cucumber, radish, as well as the leafy vegetables are released in particular at dinner, because they also facilitate the digestion and have a low caloric value.

The meats should be avoided during the course of the diet.Do not skip meals and only eating when you are really hungry are the other.

Advantages of the Diet Pineapple

The pineapple is a fruit with low energy value, rich in vitamins, especially C important to the immune system, in addition to essential minerals to the body.

The fruit is also a good source of dietary fibres that promote the proper functioning of the intestine. The rind of the fruit can be used in sweets, juices and teas.

Disadvantages of a Diet of Pineapple

The Diet Pineapple to lose belly is a diet restrictive, since it limits the consumption of food groups such as milk and milk products, meat and eggs and fats and oils.

While following a food plan restrictive as the one proposed by the diet, his follower is exposed to the risk of nutritional deficiencies, after all, when you restrict food groups to the intake of certain nutrients is impaired as is the case of iron, for example, found primarily in meat.

In the version most radical of the diet, in which during a whole day, only the pineapple is consumed, the lack of these nutrients is even greater, and due to the drastic calorie reduction, there is a great risk of occurring episodes of hypoglycaemia (a reduction in the levels of sugar in the blood), weakness, dizziness, and even fainting.

The acidity of the fruit can enhance the discomfort in cases of gastritis and ulcers.

Tip of the menu of the New Diet of the Pineapple:

Coffee morning: Eat various fruits (including pineapple) or, if you prefer, eat a slice of bread and light on the plate.

morning Snack: Eat fruits and drink pineapple juice.

Lunch: Eat salads (without dressings fatty), meat without fat (white or red) and, if you prefer, a small portion of rice and beans to satiate the hunger. After the meal, drink pineapple juice.

afternoon Snack: Eat fruits and drink pineapple juice.

Dinner: Eat salads (without dressings fatty), take vegetable soup or eat a piece of meat without fat (white or red). After the meal, drink pineapple juice.

Supper: chopped Fruit, and pineapple juice.

There is the myth that, if you start the diet of the pineapple, you should spend a whole day eating only that fruit. But in addition to gaining thrush in the mouth, you may stay with a feeling of weakness. And this is not the goal.

The diet combines the juice and slices of pineapple with physical exercises. Thus, in addition to losing weight, you will be left with the body set.

Waste of Pineapple

You are trying for a time to lose a few pounds and have success, but can’t? Many people struggle for years against his weight. It is not easy to lose pounds, but we have a good news: pineapple help in weight loss!

The pineapple is a fruit with many vitamins, enzymes and minerals good.

Really, try at least half an hour per day to exercise and analyze better about the rest of your diet. Therefore, do not eat too many snacks (unhealthy), add pineapple in your daily diet!

Pineapple is a sweet fruit very nice in your healthy weight loss!

Add pineapple to your diet

Due to a drastic change in your diet, your body may be a little upset. Always let your body get used to a new diet such as the diet of pineapple with lemon.

If you don’t normally eat pineapple or other fruit, it is wise to gradually introducing pineapple in your diet. Then, eating too much pineapple at a time, you can suffer from abdominal cramps.

Pineapple fresh

Eat pineapple fresh pineapple canned.

Pineapple fresh as a snack

It’s easy to eat pineapple, you can cut a piece into cubes of pineapple and eat at work as a healthy snack.

Milkshake pineapple

Make a shake using pineapple, milk and ice cubes in liquidificado. Fresh and delicious for breakfast!

Pineapple at dinner

the grilled Pineapple or fried is delicious as a side dish at dinner. In this way, the preparation of pineapple is easy, quick and delicious.

Pineapple ensures a good digestion

When you eat pineapple, you have a good digestion. With this, it becomes easier to regulate the body and save some extra pounds. In this way, it avoids the storage of unnecessary food.

Pineapple gives you a feeling of satisfaction

because of the many fibers and the high content of moisture in the pineapple, you can quickly get a sense of satisfaction.

Pineapple and kilocalories negative

Pineapple contains few calories, but gives you a good feeling. It is even said that the pineapple contains kilocalories negative! This means that the body requires more calories to digest the pineapple.

A slice of pineapple contains about 40 calories, but the body has 60 calories to digest each slice of pineapple slice!

The pineapple is sweet

You actually already craved a snack sweet? Do not grab a chocolate bar, but yes the pineapple! The pineapple is delicious and sweet, it also prevents you crave snacks sugary.

Pineapple is good and healthy

As you have read, pineapple is an excellent addition to your diet to promote weight loss. It is incredibly delicious and super healthy!

Unfortunately, there is no magic bullet of pineapple to lose the pounds quickly. Pineapple helps well on your way, but you must also make your own contribution.

Goals for the Week – Challenge 90 Days to Lose weight – Free
It is free to participate in the challenge to lose weight is simple and easy. Watch the video below, follow the instructions of the diet, tips, menus, the nutritionist and leave your comment in the description of the video.

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