The protein diet: the advantages and disadvantages to the body

The diet hiperproteica was very well known and fell in the popular taste, including celebrities. All this, thanks to his promise to mobilize the stocks of fat of a faster and more effective that diets conventional. But is this a safe way to lose weight?

In summary, diet hiperproteica is based on the considerable increase in the consumption of protein and drastic reduction in the consumption of carbohydrates.

Maybe the big difference and success of this diet is the ability to freely eat various types of food and, still, there is a considerable loss of weight even in the first few weeks.

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according To the nutritionist, Sinara Menezes, this happens because glucose is the main energy source of the body, and carbohydrates are the main source of this nutrient. “With the fall in carbohydrate intake, there is also a fall in the supply of immediate power, forcing the body to seek alternatives to keep active” he explains.

But contrary to belief, this method is not so easy, kind of like a burning control fat. “On the deprivation of energy, the body relies on the stocks of metabolic in an orderly manner and, in extreme cases, burning even the muscles themselves – soon, if not followed carefully, the weight loss promoted by the diet may not be a weight loss qualified”, explains the nutritionist.

With the deprivation of the main way to get quick energy, the body goes to make use of the energy reserves. When this happens, the body is not burning just fat, but also glycogen, another way to store energy.

The problem is that each gram of glycogen holds approximately 3 grams of water. When it is used, this means that the body is losing liquid.

that is, the weight loss that is immediately visible is not only a fat burning: the change in the mirror and on the scales is also the result of muscle loss and of the net, something even a little healthy for the body, especially in the long term.

“Because of the fame of the loss of weight in the first few weeks, many people end up, deliberately, by following the diet only for this period, or worse: resort to extreme measures in this initial phase for an extended period, believing that they will lose even more weight. In addition we need all the other macronutrients as the own carbohydrates, excessive consumption of protein can damage health,”, alert the specialist.

The benefits of the protein diet

But this does not mean that the protein diet is something necessarily detrimental. It all will depend on the intensity. “The very concept of a diet, when we refer to a scheme, is the lack of balance. There is already a consensus that methods restricting are not effective in the long term and even contribute to the accordion effect”, points Sinara.

Bet on the proteins and reducing food are effective ways and healthy to keep a good shape to the long-term, but it is necessary to avoid the extremes.

The nutritionist points out that it is possible to incorporate in the daily life some of the steps of the diet hiperproteica that can benefit from the slimming, but without the open hand of a balanced diet.

Drink plenty of fluids

“in Addition to essential to maintain the proper functioning of the intestine, to keep yourself well hydrated benefits your weight loss: drink plenty of water and other drinks detox, for example, combat the swelling, and assists in the elimination of impurities from the body”, advises.

Include oat bran are on the menu

The food is rich in vitamins and minerals and is an excellent source of soluble fiber that provide the feeling of fullness and aids in appetite control.

Bet on functional foods

“Foods such as pepper, ginger, green tea, and cinnamon to stimulate thermogenesis, the process by which the body spends more calories to keep your body temperature stable”, says the expert.

Avoid the sodium and sugar

Avoid the consumption of industrialized products that, many times, the abuse of sugar and sodium. The first item contributes to the overweight and to the emergence of diseases such as diabetes. Already the second increases the retention of liquids and it is still a risk factor for the development of various diseases.

Protein + exercise

“The proteins are integral to the construction of the tissues, particularly the muscles. For those who want to lose weight, invest in the strengthening of the muscles is a good way to increase the calorie expenditure even at rest, because the more lean mass you have, the greater the basal metabolic rate. However, for this to be possible, it is essential to invest in a routine of resistance exercises” says the nutritionist.