should I Eat Starch Vegetables Because of the Weight Loss Diet?

While fruits and vegetables are definitely not bad for you, high in starch (such as maize or potatoes) can lead to weight gain.

Fruit and vegetables are superimportantes for healthy bodies, but not all vegetables are created equal.

In fact, certain vegetables rich in starch are really associated with weight gain.

Predictably, the researchers found that, the more you produce, the more you eat, the more benefits they provide.

In fact, each daily serving of extra fruit or vegetables non-starchy (foods such as asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, cucumber and spinach) led to an average loss of half a pound over four years.

While it doesn’t scale exactly to the break, the surprise comes with the that produces the opposite effect.

Vegetables rich in starch (corn, peas, turnip, potatoes, pumpkin, zucchini and sweet potatoes) can actually lead you to stay in shape.

The participants, who add a portion of extra material starch of your diet menu have added an average of a pound and a half for each serving extra over four years.

according To government guidelines, women on average should be getting four servings of vegetables and three servings of fruit per day.

So, listen to mom and get your daily dose, exactly it is a choice of hotels.

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Goals for the Week – Challenge 90 Days to Lose weight – Free
It is free to participate in the challenge to lose weight is simple and easy. Watch the video below, follow the instructions of the diet, tips, menus, and leave your comment in the description of the video.

>> Menu of 1200 Calories with Cheap Foods


Option 1: 01 unid of sweet bread, 01 slice of mozzarella and presuntoo, 02 red plums

Option 2: 02 saltine crackers, 01 col dessert of jelly, 01 glass of orange juice

Option 3: 02 toast, French bread,1 slice of cheese light, ½ unit of papaya papaya

Option 4: 1/2 unit of French bread, 1 col dessert of jam diet, 1 glass american low-fat milk

Morning Snack

Option 1: 1 slice mango

Option 2: 05 unit-of-grapes

Option 3: 1 unit of banana silver

Option 4: 1 tangerine


Option 1: 2 col rice soup ,1 col bean soup, 1 pancake of ground beef, 01 cup of green leaves chopped

Option 2: 1 col sopa de farofa carrots, 1 dessert plate of salad of tomato, lettuce, and spinach ,1 piece of chicken breast boiled, 01 col soup beans

Option 3: 1 dessert plate of salad of arugula, heart of palm and peas, 2 col soup soup rice ,1 col bean soup, 2 meat balls

Option 4: 1 dessert plate of salad of arugula, hearts of palm and tomato, 2 col rice soup,1 col soup of chickpeas, 1 fillet of grilled chicken, 1 col sopa de chayote stew

Afternoon tea

Option 1: 1 cup of gelatin.

Option 2: 01 glass of juice of beetroot and orange

Option 3: 01 fruit yogurt

Option 4: 01 cup of fruit salad


Option 1: 1 dish of salad with lettuce, arugula and broccoli, 02 col soup, rice, 01 col soup beans, 01 egg poche

Option 2: 02 col soup cabbage simmered with onion and tomato, 1 grilled chicken fillet, 02 col soup, pumpkin puree

Option 3: Green salad at will, and 01 piece of kebab roasted, 02 col soup, stuffed eggplant

Option 4: 02 slices of bread in way , 01 col soup sardine, 01 col soup, mayonnaise ,01 pires of lettuce and tomatoes


Option 1: 01 small apple

Option 2:01 slice-of-mango

Option 3:01 cup of green tea

Option 4:01 pcs of apple

Gluten-Free Diet makes you Lose Weight?

Removing gluten from your diet is not only the large number of people are intolerant.

Now it is not uncommon to see this method used to lose weight.

But will the gluten-free diet is it really safe?

If, at the beginning, the diet gluten free is only for people with celiac disease, today is part of plans inevitable adopted particularly by the celebrities.

The goal of this method is to eliminate completely from your diet, all foods that contain gluten, such as bread, pasta, cakes, certain industrial products, etc.

the New habits that inevitably results in a significant reduction in the intake of carbohydrates and can afford to lose some weight or at least deflate significantly.

But it seems that this method is particularly effective because it becomes much more attentive to what we eat.

This food program can help you lose weight from the moment in which it is assumed that following this diet.

You will necessarily become a great deal by observing the nature of the food that you will consume that makes the most of the time, a decrease in calorie intake.

But before it became the new fad diet, do not forget that the “gluten free” is mainly for medical purposes.

The opinion is very divided with respect to their dangerousness.

according To this diet to lose weight there is a risk to the health, because there are many foods that do not contain gluten, such as quinoa, buckwheat, corn, rice, potatoes and, therefore, can replace pasta etc.

There are also more and more gluten-free products in the supermarket.

But some health professionals and recent studies continue to raise a lot of uncertainties and doubts about their effectiveness and the risks that can result (especially in terms of disability).

Therefore, before you radically change your eating habits, it is best to seek the advice of your doctor or a nutritionist, who will provide you with a method for your needs.

the Good resolutions for the thinness in this season

The Holidays Were Good, it was great

unless you go back with a few extra pounds.

To lose without the pain of the head, to find a style of healthy and balanced life.

Simple and effective.

to Find a balanced diet

On vacation, it is important to relieve the pressure. Ice cream, waffles, pancakes, fast food, French fries as an appetizer.

Only that when you return, you realize that a few pounds were invited on the scale.

To lose them naturally without dieting drastic, the best solution is to re-balance your offer.

don’t skip Breakfast

For lunch, don’t forget to eat vegetables, starches, proteins and fruits.

At dinner, is lighter.

And if you are a victim of hunger for 16 hours, bite into an apple or dip the spoon in the yogurt.

You will lose excess weight without realizing it.

The sloth was his best friend during his few days of relaxation.

And you did it well

Not only to lose weight, but to get in shape and make one, consider physical activity very vigorous, at least, two times per week.

Running, Zumba, swimming, gym.

You only have to choose from.

Control Stress

You don’t know, maybe, but the stress can make you fat.

So, to face this fall, try to keep calm.

Organize your schedule to have time just for you.

Keep yourself active and, especially, to arrange to avoid contingencies stressful.

Replace the cocktail by the water

Mojitos, and wine glasses were flat stomach right?

do Not panic.

Simply reducing the intake of alcohol and drink at least 1.5 liters of water per day.

do Not forget the green tea which will help you eliminate the toxins from your body.

Aware of in your Sleep

Lack of sleep can make you fat.

Thus, one finds at reasonable hours and to sleep at least 7 hours per night.

Because if you don’t get enough sleep, you will be tired and stressed.

A vicious circle in which it is important not to fall.

follow a diet to lose belly strict

don’t fall into the trap of fad diet after the holidays.

rather prefer a return to a healthy diet to lose weight balanced.

The results can be less visible quickly, but at least they will be sustainable.

Move-if Daily

At the beginning, you are going to move.

And if you’re not a big sports fan, we know that the main thing is to spend every day a little bit.

instead of taking the bus to go home, take your bike.

take the stairs instead of taking the escalator. Exit the subway station sooner and finish.the air ride.

There are many good tips for daily exercise. Just 30 minutes per day.

Adopt the Slimming cream

Even though they are not miracle creams slimming are the allies valuable to have beautiful skin.

in addition, the action of drainage, which will improve the firmness of skin and reduce cellulite. Some even allow you to lose a few inches.

Make a shopping list

food Shopping can quickly become a headache.

however, this task should not be taken lightly, because their breakdowns depend mainly on what is in your refrigerator.

To avoid the purchase of anything and everything, it is important to visit your belly supermarket full.

You will jump less easily over the sausage if you only enjoy a steak and green beans.

Remember to make a list beforehand favoring a maximum to take the costs of the products.

You will have new eating habits.

UPDATED: 02.06.17



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