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Binge eating Compulsive: eating Disorder

A Vicious Circle between Mind and Body

Just the chocolate. Then, the bag of potato chips.

a Few biscuits, a spoon of peanut butter, a box of chocolates and, finally, a guilty conscience.

what some described as emotional eating, doctors call it a period of binge eating.

Binge eating may be translated as binge eating recurring.

The term refers to an eating disorder, when the person suffering from this cause from an uncontrollable compulsion to feed.

They devour everything regardless of any feeling of hunger.

Normally a eater for binge eating gains a lot of calorie and eat many sweet foods.

A problem: when more calories are acquired that the daily need of the person.

unlike bulimia, when the food is vomited again, the patients of binge eating retain the food with them, resulting in more significant weight gain.

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> One Thing Head?

After a binge drinking the person often feels guilty and disgusted by itself.

The result is a vicious circle the real, because it often decides to partying again.

The trigger immediately a binge drinking is strong negative emotions, such as fear, sadness, emptiness, and anger, which the person can not work around.

The diagnosis of binge eating occurs at least once per week during a period of three months.

Experts estimate that about one and a half to three and a half years, a percentage of the population suffers from binge eating, eating disorder, and women are more affected than men.

> Causes Little Explored

The disorder of binge eating for a long time was not recognized as a disease there are few studies about it.

Other eating disorders also suggests to doctors that different causes can lead to binge eating: A possible cause may be the ideal of beauty to be excessive.

the excess of weight in infancy and weight fluctuations repeated under diets are considered risk factors.

Other risk factors such as depression, addictions and anxiety disorders, and personality apply.

Patients with binge eating often suffer from a self-image negative, which can be caused by stressful life events, such as abuse, violence, or separation.

genetic Factors have been suspected of binge eating remedy, it occurs within families huddled.

> Body and the Head Affected

The affected patients suffering mainly from a weight gain extreme.

In addition to the mental stress it comes to obesity which can have negative consequences for physical health: this short-term includes hypertension and diabetes, as well as heart attack in the long term, stroke, and injuries musculoskeletal.

> Identify Trigger

The treatment of the disorder of binge eating is composed of several components: within a treatment, the psychotherapy, the patients must know in which situations occur the binge eating and the feelings that accompany it.

The goal is to identify the recurring patterns and become aware of it.

Later, the patient must learn strategies that can prevent binge eating.

to be Targeted by the dietary advice: in the context of a common kitchen the patients regularly, must balance the size of the portions.

The drug treatment of patients with binge eating can be performed in an outpatient or stationary.

> With Problem in your Own Country

At the national level there are special houses for groups, therapeutic to treat an eating disorder in the patient.

in Addition to psychological support, and nutritional, these devices also provide assistance for partner therapy.

the Advantage of these devices is that the patient will come into contact with other patients and may exchange experiences.

Another advantage is that the patient usually has a partner who can contact in case of crisis.

The disorder of binge eating the sooner it is treated, the better the prognosis.

Ten Ways you can Burn Hundreds of Calories in Everyday Life.

> Wash the Hair and blow-Dry

Penteei your hair completely.

Use modeler curls, flat iron and hair dryer consumes a lot of calories, because so interfere with the arms constantly.

Effect: 40 minutes hundred calories.

> Hand Wash

Any one who cooks their dishes in the sink need to have your hands well and dry the glasses carefully polished in addition to washing the dishes. This leads to a large caloric expenditure.

> Washing

Organizing the first dirty clothes, enter the machine, then dry. Wipe the cabinets for 50 minutes and, at the same time consume hundreds of calories.

> During A Phone Conversation

Calls extensive with your girlfriend? Effect: 30 minutes, one hundred calories.

> Clean the Bathroom

Clean the bathroom from top to bottom, all of the tiles, the sink, toilet, and sink.

After all the work and sweat a lot after 30 minutes of burning a hundred calories.

> Vacuum

as valuable as a small resistance when you open the window you will breathe a pure air.

however, one hour is necessary to burn hundreds of calories.

> Clean Windows

Washing the window for 30 minutes and consume one hundred calories, it helps your arm, back and chest muscles.

> Rearrange Furniture

Let your creativity run free: change the furniture in the living room or study.

This is fun, and spends a hundred calories in less than 30 minutes.

> Cut the Lawn

This stops the sweat really at bicas. However, only if you are using a cutter.

environmentally friendly, cut without gasoline and you will burn hundreds of calories in just 20 minutes.

> Lava-Jato

Lather, rinse, dry thoroughly and lovingly make a polishing.

While washing the car, consume about as many calories as washing windows, so a hundred in 30 minutes.


Day 01

Breakfast: 1 cup (tea) coffee with skim milk + 1 French bread whole or 1 French bread without core with 1 egg hot or scrambled +1 apple

Morning Snack: 1 pot of natural yoghurt skimmed milk + 1 spoon (soup) of granola diet

Lunch: 1 dish of green salad + 2 spoons (soup) full of rice + 7 grain or whole grain + 1 fillet of grilled chicken + 1 saucer zucchini sautéed + dessert (1 slice of pineapple)

Afternoon Snack: 2 slices of whole wheat bread light 1 slice of white cheese

Dinner: 1 dish of green salad + 1 omelette made with 1 whole egg + 1 clear + 3 slices of turkey breast and tomato chopped

Supper: 1 bottle of yogurt, light

Day 02

Breakfast: 1 cup of low-fat yogurt with dried fruit

Morning Snack: 3 wafers of salt and water + 200 ml of juice orange

Lunch: 4 pieces of sushi (shrimp + 4 stalks of broccoli + green salad with onion, tomato and radish in slices

Afternoon Snack: 1 apple

Dinner: 1. (soup) of brown rice + 1 ladle of beans, 1 fillet of grilled salmon

Supper: 1 bunch of grapes.

Day 03

Breakfast: 1 slice of bread with cream cheese light + 1 cup of vitamin of banana with oats

Morning Snack: 1 cup of low-fat yogurt

Lunch: 1 baked potato with filling of cheese, cottage + 1 shell ground beef with soy + vegetable grilled

Afternoon Snack: 1 polenguinho light

Dinner: 1 dish of green salad 1 roasted manioc stuffed with ricotta cheese + 1 tablespoon of flaxseed

Supper: 1 cup of green tea

UPDATED: 07.06.17




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