Meditate in a minute

while our mind is a wonderful machine with an infinite capacity to create, learn, and remember, many times getting stuck in worries and thoughts little productive or distressing.

we Think, generally, that in order to achieve a state of well-being and calm in our interior, we need to resort to meditations extended, cross the legs in lotus posture and to go to quiet places and away (the typical image of zen that we can’t always imitate), however, the meditation is a technique that can be used in any place, at any time and without the need to be extended too.

If you want to better manage your thoughts, to live in a more conscious way and train your mind, the lack of time is no excuse not to start meditating.
Enter into a state of well-being in a conscious way, to cope with the hectic pace of life to which we are accustomed to, and disconnect from those negative thoughts that drag us down throughout the day, it is possible with a simple form of meditation that you can do at any time and wherever you are. This is the “meditation in an instant” or “meditation in a minute”.

The technique of meditation of the moment allows you to disconnect and recuperate in just a minute. It is a strategy to focus the mind on the present moment, do not wander off into the past or the future and away from the hassle and “traps,” that usually appear in our thoughts.

Although this meditation is called the meditation of the moment and involves entering only an instant it is that state of well-being that we seek, the psychotherapist, Martin Boroson recommended to learn this technique for a minute, because a minute has a beginning and an end, and it seems more tangible for a moment. However, once you habitĂșes to this technique and make it a part of your routine, you’ll be able to go reducing that minute until you get to meditate and focus your mind in just a instant all the times that you want.

it Is very simple:
-Stop what you’re doing and sit down for a moment without which no one will bother you.
-Keep your back straight, but without feeling tension.
-Supports your feet on the ground.
-Place your hands on your knees or intertwined, as you are more comfortable, always in a symmetrical shape.
-Close your eyes. You can smile if you feel like it.

At this minute focus on your breathing. Try to leave your mind far away from thoughts, that is not dispersed, that is your challenge.
If your mind wanders, re-focus on your breathing, do it as many times as necessary.

When to use meditation in a minute?

When you’re stressed and need to regain the calm and the tranquility, when you can not sleep or need a boost of energy and creativity.

Use the meditation of the moment to leave the states of anger, sadness, or concern, returning to a feeling of well being and serenity.

you Can use your minute meditation waiting in the queue of a bank; on the bus on the way to work; before an exam or important interview…no matter the time and place, fills thy mind, renewed energy and focus on the present moment.

The meditation in a minute is a very simple tool that will take very little time. Practice it daily and you will notice the wonderful results in your life.